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Monday, June 30, 2003

Searchenginewatch: " wrote about the SearchTool..

I also noticed this domain name: www.com :-) Good name :-)

Rightmouseclick on search button idea..

Still don't know if I put it in the release... What do you think?

GGSearch got Blogoscoped today :-)

Today I went back to school with this tutorial: Blog Traffic School tutorial. It opened my eyes as a newbie in this world and I can recommend it to all newbies like me. Anyway now I know why BlogRolling is a nice way to keep those links in one place.

Now I need to read some more.... I wonder how\why\where you folks create....

Let me see if HaloScan.com - Weblog Commenting will do what I like...

Here is a nice trick to add XML to this blog It seems to work just fine.. The time will learn.. Now I need to get the comments on this page ;-)

Codepage & Co. It is still nagging me.... One day my friends.. One day!

Welcome to Gnomedex 3.0: "On July 25th and 26th we're doing it again - Gnomedex, the convention designed for those who want to learn how technology can be used to improve their businesses, their careers, and their lives. Gnomedex 3.0 attendees include a wide range of backgrounds including IT professionals, business owners/managers, and enthusiasts from all over the world. "

I think I will go next year...

I tried to make the highlight option work for the SearchTool. This isn't easy. The GoogleToolbar works from within the Browser so it is much easier to "change" the HTML for those toolbars. For an external tool like GGSearch it is almost impossible to get the right effect without doing naughty things with the browser. But I am still digging deeper.

I am very pleased to see that GGSearch and the Toolbar still like each other. The new Blog button works great. I would like to see some more options like showing the popup's that have been blocked (a list of some kind).

Today I updated the translations for GGSearch. Nice to know that there are 30 languages available now! Get those new translations

I do like FeedDemon

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Chris Pirillo ~ Getting Screwed While Everybody Else is Getting Laid dit it again! This time he asked everybody to point him at Strips (comics) RSS feeds. The list is growing!

While I was looking fro something to read for the Palm Vx. I stumbled on eBook.nl - Elektronische boeken in het Nederlands. That's the way to do it! A lot of it is free too

XML version

Cerulean Studios -- Trillian Developers' Journal is a good way to read news about the latest development

Saturday, June 28, 2003

I really love the latest version of the Google toolbar. It has a button in it to BLOG this link ;-) GGSearch The Search tool for searching with Google(tm) power

Me like this

I need to update FrysianFools again..

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