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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Released v3.9 

Finally released v3.9
Made the donators extra's available for everyone!

Read on to see what I have done..

v3.9.0.1 release
v3.8.6.x beta
hmmm what happend with 8.5 anyway?
- Added a link to this file so you can read it..
- Fixed Vista Frame/window bug
- Removed language related code
- Updated installer
- removed all references to the splash screen
(we dont need that anymore and we looks at it anyway)
- removed all references to the donators plugin
- removed donators code
- changed about dialog
- took some coffee :-)
- added insights search
- added maps search
- added youtube search
- Removed splash screen
- Added Addon into GGSearch itself
- Removed older Addon code
- Removed registration options
- Removed checks
- Added Video search
- Changed Blog option to googles official
blog search page
- Added Patent search
- fixed minor glitch

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