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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Adam Curry:
The Heli-Blogger king of the Netherlands!

I know that some of you are mobblogging or mbloggers or what ever you will call it. What would you do when you have the change to blog, fly a chopper and like to take pictures? Yes, you go Heli-Blogging!

Adam Curry does it all, with some of his friends he went out to "shoot" the tanker that got lifted by tugboats and a big crane. The funny thing is that on his dutch website he writes more personalized stuff. He teaches the journalists how to read blogs and what to do with the info. (He kick's their ...) Some of them didn't like that email got on his blog, while others started to do more serious things like "research" before writing something in the media about Adam or his family. I think that Adam deserves to be the first Dutch heli-blogging king (he already got his castle!). Let him fly and shoot everything he likes! Give the man his kingdom!
And let him post it all in his blog :-)

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