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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Feedster on my Palm 

I was reading Scott his question: Any Hardware Guys Out in BlogLand or "How do I get Feedster on my Sidekick / PocketPC / Palm"?

I use Avantgo to sync between their service and my Palm Vx. The nice thing about it is that you can add custom pages and this seem to work fine for some blogs. So I tried this service with Feedster.
Let me try to explain what I did:

The URL you need: (Sorry no RSS available)

Customize the part in red to your needs if you use this example...

Now go to AvantGo:
Login or get an account, do what they tell you to do ;-) and when your done create a custom channel. Now there is also this you have to know about custom channels. Where it asks for a Location: Use the feedster url you created (see example). Tweak the options and press the "save channel" button.

Now put your palm in it's cradle and push that hotsync button!

(If you use Avantgo and want to have Scott on your Palm in a single click, click here # )

So how does it look? Kinda ugly... :-( On my palm the links and descriptions looked ok but the rest of the page looked bad.. Don't know why the links won't work. Think I forgot to tweak it more :-).

If it was an RSS feed with as output a blank page with a small logo in the header and in the body the search results then it would be perfect for Avantgo...

Any better alternatives out there?.

UPDATE: I tweaked the AvantGo depth option and tuned it to 3. Now the links works... Aint that bad to read now.. I will keep it although I must search for something different then "Scott Johnson" :-). Sorry Scott!

# https://my.avantgo.com/account/edit_sub.html?title=Feedster&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.feedster.com%2Fsearch.php%3Fsearchtype%3Dimage%26hl%3Den%26ie%3DUTF-8%26q%3D%2522scott%2520Johnson%2522%26sort%3Ddate%26limit%3D50&max=150&depth=2&images=0&links=1&refresh=al

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