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Monday, July 28, 2003

GGSearch as User Agent and Tunaphish Cats R Evil!!! PART ONE 

GGsearch as User Agent. :-) Funny how things can go. With Google I don't have any contact (almost ;-) ) but with Feedster its so much different. I ask a question > they answer. They ask > I answer. As a result the GGSearch beta is almost ready for the testers and translators. That's the way to go!

TunaPhish news!
Got this message from the Tuna! It was a bit late because the mail people didn't want to bring it anymore.. Seems to be a problem with bad smelling mail comming from Tuna... Anyway after cleaning it I was amazed. He finally did it! Our Tuna in the news!

Did anyone reccorded this for Tuna?

Tuna also wrote that the first movie episode of Cats R Evil is ready and it rocks! I personaly think we have to thank Peer Lemmers and Steve "Lets pet a snake" for that but the dog seems to know what he is doing (pardon the dog..). I wish Tuna a great future and lot's of smelly thingies and rotten goodies... (You like that don't you?)

If you don't like Tuna read this book and relax..

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