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Thursday, July 10, 2003

I have been talking with Jeroen van der Wiel about his large linklist. Because it is a dutch page most of you will be a bit lost. Now I know that he is looking for a way to translate it for you (and to keep it KISS for himself). As soon as I get his info I will post it here. He is a Googleminded man in a Google world..

About the blogRolling issue: Adam doesn't have a clue :-) what happened....

Bravenet (My counter) changed it's look.. I don't like it. We have less options now :(
If you have a free counter for me (or like to give away a pro counter for free to me) ;-) Be known!

Don't see any advert above this page? Type thank you to Blogger!!
They are so kind to upgrade my account to BlogSpot Plus Adsfree! Thank you Christine!

And Chuck I hope your sister likes it :-)

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