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Monday, July 21, 2003

I will not let GGSearch be forlorn! 

Time to change some error handling in the searchtool. Some of the beta testers mailed me with a problem that isn't a problem but a message for me to see what the tool is doing when I am on a "different system". normalized programmers would start with the error handling but not me :-). So now I have to take the time to think about what I am going to do.. Most of those messages could be removed from the tool. Yes another xx bytes removed from hd and memory!

More about Feedster: To let you "see" my first impression:
[(1+4)Search field] [(2+4)Sort by Relevance/Date/Blogrank] [(3+4)Advanced options choice] [(4)preferences]
(1) a search query ;-)
(2) Quick pick options (overrides 4)
(3) Option window? Limit to ONLY this RSS url:, Limit to feeds in this OPML url:, Filter out this RSS url: Should be one click away.. Drag and drop a URL would be nice...
(4) Go around the cookies and bake them with the Search Tool :-) :-)
www.feedster.com - www.feedster.net - Ip? logo - Icon - Icons? I wonder if Tunaphish is home to give me some advice about this...
Languages? . Or not?> ISO? weblog_country_code=NL (to search in a country, de, au, co.uk? etc)
Hosting on feedster? FST, Feedster SearchTool, Feedster Search Tool
/search.php?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=ggsearch&btnG=Search | &inrss=&inopml=¬inrss= | &sort=date
Must not forget: http://feedster.com/help/fields.php - Love this: http://feedster.com/status.php - Adverts: http://feedster.com/ads/
Wiki :-) http://feedster.com/wiki/ http://feedster.com/feedback.php?action=capture_suggestion/capture_problem/create_problem
User Agent Strings: Although we in no way require it, we do appreciate it if the aggregator correctly sets its user agent string.
Ask Scott what to do with http://feedster.com/wiki/index.php?EngineInternalTokens
Enough to keep me busy :-)

Now don't get afraid if I am getting to much into Feedster, GGSearch will benefit from this too. Isn't it great! Yes it is! I am also thinking about making a "feedster plugin" for GGSearch! So you Google or you feedster when you like! Remind me that I add a blogsearch option too..

I will not let GGSearch be forlorn!

Update: Google weblog wrote about this advanced news option. Will I build a option? You read about it later ;-)

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