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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

My BlogRolling goodie got Hacked today!!!

When I was a kid I liked Curry & van Inkel. These two where so good that we always listened to the show. He was also the first one I put on my blogRolling. But know that I am a bit confused now. Me thinks I got Focked by a Adam Curry fan (or somebody that likes / loves him very much).
I could not believe my eyes this morning when I was looking in my Blog.
I looked at my BlogRolling and expected to see the normall Favs...

But this morning I was looking at this (Part1 Part2). All links except the last one are poining to: Adam Curry's weblog
Now I don't think that Curry did it him self. Alright, he can write with a sharp pen but he is fighting his own story and I don't think that he takes the time to do those things to a newbie blogger. . So I guess that some kiddie wanted to be known... Hey, it worked! Now go and wank yourself! Or pay somebody to wank you! Then wash your hands and come back to be known!

This CurryStigma disapeared by itself.. Could be because I went to blogRolling and pushed the edit link to see what was going on there. No strange things... Links are all the same as I left them there. Everything looks normall now...

Ofcourse I still link to the Dutch Curry weblog. It is nice to read his steps in the big world of money and fame because he gets focked by a lot of people :-) and writes about it on his weblog.

Update: I mailed BlogRolling about this.. I hope to have some answers soon...
Note for my IRC friends: Please don't. Not funny and it leads to more nags. Just be patient and see what happens now. But your suggestions make me proud to be your friends! See you on the next NWW. HUG ME!!

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