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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

New York and the Bagdad connection.. 

I am free today and it is too hot to do anything!

I tried to do some coding for the tool but that didn't work out. I guess it's time to read some documents outside in the shades and to take it easy. My laptop doesn't seem to take this heat so I am converting the DOC to a PDF so I can take it with me on the Palm.

I am also thinking about upgrading frysianfools into movabletype. But same story. I am to tired (lazy) to do anything useful today!

New York and the Bagdad connection..
>Finally, the mobile network, which is being
>installed by MCI, has started working. It is still
>limited now but it is supposed to extend to public use
>mid-July. Thy funny thing is that our code is the same
>as New York. So we are considered as if we are in New
>I will try to get a mobile soon. Then you can call me
>with very cheap prices because international calls to
>the US is always the cheapest and as you know - We are
>in NY :-)
>Some body living in Baghdad

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