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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Teach us Adam! 

Time for me to do something useful for the searchtool..

To give you something to read:
Adam Curry wrote this story: RSS in the lowlands

"Unfortunately almost all blog-tools are written in english. The word blog itself, or any word ending with a "g" sounds gutteral and crappy when pronnounced by a dutch native.

Imagine trying to explain RSS.

Really Simple translates well, but there is no dutch equivalent for the word Syndication. The country is so small it hasn't ever needed syndicated content. TV and radio signals are nationwide, so there is no network of affiliates to speak of.

So I introduced RSS as a function of that magical buzzword XML: With rss you can subscribe to your favourite weblogs.

That's when I hit another language barrier in the concept of an "aggregator". The closest match to that sounds an aweful lot like a diesel generator to the dutch ear."

I love the word Blog.. When I say that name out loud people look at me as if I am a sick dude... So what you calling me now mate! Wanna fight?

Now don't think that that's all: Curry goes further then learning us the words:

"So I plan to do an online demonstration by rendering my hourly aggregator page (over 300 subscriptions) to a public server for anyone to enjoy."
This could be very interesting to see.. He also showed us a screenshot of the page (ACNews).

I guess I would go to ACNews when it is finished. Although I hope that Adam his personal live stays out of it. I read about him again today in the newspaper. He is fighting Endemol about copyright issues but he claims in his Blog that everybody can use his pictures as long as you give the credit to the owner. I guess he means that for us bloggers and not for the Media here in Holland :-)

I just wait and see when he starts his heli-Blog.
Headline from ACNews: "Adam Curry the Heli-Blogger, blogs and shoots!" (No bullets just pictures!)

Teach us and we might learn!

Update: ACNews (loglezer) is online

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