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Saturday, July 12, 2003

You got mail! Yes!! Now you can play with the addon :-)
Also good to know that w.bloggar v3.02 Build 158 is released.
I was talking with Remco about his (dutch) page... I like the style but I think he needs to update more often. Hey, ofcourse I know it's weekend! Now take a BeerenBurg and do something usefull!

I also got this email:
Dear Pieter,

I was to late for the addon. I want it for Free too!

What now?

First I must say that you are to late! Sorry but the topic has been closed. Now, I would like to see some humor and colour (any pictures?) on this blog. So, if you do something funny for/with GGSearch AND I like it so much that I post it on the Blog you get one for free too.
YES MY FRIENDS.. Shameless promotion PartII!

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