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Friday, July 04, 2003

You think everything comes for free? FORGET it!
To get on CNET/Download.com and ZDNET you have to pay... Yes that is right! So why did I spend 79 Dollar for a link on their website? I thought that the installer would be placed on their website and that Frysianfools would be relieved a bit.

Look at this info form their website:
Host Your Files for FREE at Upload.com!

Need a fast, reliable hosting alternative? Upload.com is proud to announce free hosting on our Fast Downloads network for all Windows-compatible software. This simple and efficient file delivery system uses the CNET/ZDNet Download Manager (powered by Kontiki) to securely transfer your software files to Download.com and ZDNet Download end users. You will still have to provide us with a primary direct access download link, but we will offer our users the Fast Download option along with the download link you provide, which will greatly reduce your hosting bandwidth.

How Does It Work?
Once your product listing is paid, published, and live on our download sites, we will include an additional "Fast Download" link on your Product Detail pages that allows Download.com and ZDNet Download users to download your product directly into the CNET or ZDNet Download Manager:

I should have read it better... But then when you apply there is this checkbox:
Once you have provided us with the remote location of your new/updated installer file, simply leave the box next to "Yes! Host my file for FREE" checked on your product submission form; we'll take care of the file upload process.

If I wasn't sure about the free file hosting.. that checkbox made up my mind. So I pulled out the plastic and enterd the magic numbers. Well see for yourself... No free hosting of a file on CNET.

Get it from CNET Download.com!

Will I ever pay again for hosting my SearchTool on an other website?

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