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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Almost time for a public release! 

The Phoenity icons are all there!
Cheeaun did a very good job! Keep in mind that I gave him a lot of trouble because he all had to make it up for him self. With some feedback I created the first steps of the Theme FAQ.

Now it is time to pick up all the pieces and put them together again. I am happy with the new Custom browser option although I know that something isn't right yet. As soon as I know what, I will fix it ;-)

Lots of people wanted a better installer (with options) and it looks like the "new" installer does it's work good. To bad I didn't took the time to read the helpfiles better.. Talking about helpfiles: The Search tool its help file needs some help itself. Don't know what I did but it seems to be in a bad state. Oh well it just a minor problem.

Hope to release the final beta this week.. Almost time for a public release!

Oh Yeah, Ria (my wife and girlfriend) went to Ameland (an island nearby) and made this picture of the waddensea:

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