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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Building an installer and phoenity icons. 

Building an installer:
The installer gives the option for a Compact (necessary files), Full (all files) or Custom (what ever you like) installation. You also can choose if you would like to install an icon on your dekstop and/or quick launch bar and the installer will behave good for the next update. So far the good news....
I made some big mistakes with building the "older" installers. Not that they aren't any good but I didn't take good care of upgrading the installer itself. While Inno Setup gives enough room to deal with those problems I didn't implement them the right way..

Big tip: RTFM!

Phoenity icons...
I also typed with Cheeaun again about his beautiful icons and he will start creating them this week for GGSearch! He was playing with Red Hat 9 so... Give the man a break and a boot option!
If you also would like to contribute an iconset as theme.. You know where to find me.

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