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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Get out of your "Feed Eater" and read "the weblog review" at "Blog Traffic School" 

This Blog has been reviewed by "The Weblog Review" and I thinks it is very funny !

I guess the reviewers and some none computer geeks would be happy to read my answers to some of their questions ;-)
Let me tell you all that I am Dutch, from Holland, The Netherlands, The Low lands, Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, le Pay Bas. I am also a Frysian, from the Provence Friesland, Fryslan, Frislan! The host is www.frysianfools.com ;-)

I eat tulips in a windmill while I walk stoned on wooden shoes and the sea water is at knee or ear level (depending on the tides).

Just kiddin! I don't eat tulips! ;-)

Wendy and Brent are both right.. I type a lot about the progress of the search tool. In the meanwhile I also see a lot of goodies around like: MobBlogs, Wordblogs and Tunablogs that inspire me for a not to personel blog. GGSearch should be ready in a year of two, three, so I got the time to open my mind for advanced blog blogging...

They gave me a rating of 3.5 and 4 (3.7500) Excellent! That's better then I did on reallivelife school a long time ago! :-)
Thank you: Chris Pirillo's Blog Traffic School and my Blog Traffic School teachers! When can I do the next course?

Thank you Weblog reviewers for giving me an inside of my own blog! You both did a good job and pointed out some nice and friendly points.

And people get out of your "RSS Feed Eater" and rate it yourself at the bottom of this page.

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