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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Get rid of the lop.com toolbar 

WARNING: Tuna is multiplying itself! You naughty Dog!

Scott is going to bring you a lot more options in the future and my fingers are itching to use it already.. I won't, I won't. Let me know and I will!

Paul is writing his new book and because I am almost done reading his manuscript I wonder what is will bring.. I like his writing, don't know how much different the manuscript is from the book but I think it is going to be a grand success!

Faganfinder has his translation goodie online.. It is still beta but that's just a word :-) Works great.. Frysian is available too!!

I also forgot to mention that Feeddemon beta 3 is out! Now I don't know what I did but I lost all my favorite feeds.. So backup before use! Hey that's why it is a beta!

The GGSearch website get's a lot of hits from people that want to get rid of the lop.com toolbar. So I try to exploit it by running an advert on the website for Ad-Aware. :-) People can fix their webbrowser, clean their machine from spyware and make me happy!

Great world, a lot to see. Let's get more coffee!

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