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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I hated PHP 

I try to read and understand more about PHP and Mysql. Now I know a bit of ASP and how to do things with an Acces database but PHP and Mysql running on Apache is a totally different story. So now I just do some study and then I will try to get it to work on the server.

Why started so late with PHP?

I hated it! Yes read it again: I Hated it. The name PHP was enough to get me really pissed off. Let me try to explain why:
Me and Peer created a long long time ago: www.sailsearch.com Collective database for traditional sailingcharters in Europe. It was big hit. we had some paying customers and it was time for a database to meet the search demand. So I created it in ASP and pointed it to an ACCES database. It was a beauty! But customers wanted more advance options and due to the fact that I didn't have the database feeling in my fingers we needed a partnership with somebody that could make it more advance. In the meanwhile we also found a commercial talent to get more customers.

That was the most stupid thing I (we) ever did.
In 6 months the whole project was doomed. The PHP code was maybe written better but didn't have the few things the old ASP version could. Peer and I tried to convince them of the things we knew but the two dudes where so busy with other things that the simple things we wanted where ignored. If it was not written in a document it could not be build. So everytime we spoke to the dude and told him about the fact that we needed that option we already spooken of from day one he told us that is was not in the document so it not being build. Of course he spend his time doing things we suppose to do and so I got pissed. There was a coup by the commercial and PHP dude and I packed my bags, went on walkabout and found the time to build GGSearch. A few months later Peer followed my footsteps. He tried so hard to get Sailsearch of the warf and it took al his energie. So he also stepped a side and created TunaPhish! We spend 3 years of our lives building Sailsearch.com and it is a pity to see how much it is wrecked. That's why I was a bit frustrated when I needed to do something in PHP.

So now I have to see PHP as fun again! Can't blame the code for me being silly! There are a lot of people that love to help me with it and many resources can be found online. So I think this time I should get a hang of it. Don't know when that day arives but time will learn!

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