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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Nice to know you! 

Who are you? Who are you parents and what did they do? Tell me more about what you are doing here? Why are you spending your time reading this post? Not that I mind you reading this. Although I am a bit suprised that I would see you back here so soon.
Let me shuffle in the spam counts to give this post a meaning..

Emails Checked: 77559
Total Spams Caught: 69572

Yes, Next week we should be around the 70000 spams. Don't know exactly when it started counting. I will look for that info later ok? I know that they are breeding because their expansion rate seems to go into rabbit mode. If I find the nest I will blog about it.

Now, excuse me if I am typing out of my line but shouldn't you go for it? You know... The thing you where thinking while you got bored a moment ago. Yes! That's the one! Just do it! You deserve that! You made it through this post, so you can make it everywhere! No problem, I finnish this post by myself.

Type and read you later!

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