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Friday, August 01, 2003

Phoenity icons. 

Today I was doing research for my work and found a lot of useful and useless info. Now I don't know what happened but I kept coming back to Faganfinder's Advanced Reference. I like that page...Didn't knew that there was so much out there!

a Long while ago Cheeaun created the GGSearch Icon. Like it? I do. Since Cheeaun created the Icon nobody was nagging me about it anymore :-). I asked him if he wanted to make a set of new GGSearch icons and proud to tell you that he is going to do it! :-)

Ted and Phoenix told me (#Lockergnome) that they didn't get the email about the addon application. And I am afraid that some of you are also waiting for it.... Sorry for that, my fault. New email is on it's way, if not: contact me!

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