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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The quest for the main sponsor.. 

I am on a main sponsor quest.

There are many ways to add some commercial info into a tool. You can use a shareware system, add banners in it that are always visible or to fill it up with nag screens. I don't like any of those methods although shareware ain't that bad..

I am more thinking about this:
The sponsor could be visible in the installer and their logo will be placed in the Splash screen. To make this complete we add a link to the sponsors website in the options menu. Seems like a nice package for the main sponsor of GGSearch.
As a starter I would try it out for 6 months. That should give me the time to work on more search options for us all and to give the sponsor the time to see if they like being the sponsor.

Doesn't sound that bad, does it? We as users know who the main sponsor is but don't have a hard time dealing with it. We can visit their website but are not nagged to go to their website. See the differences? It's all about finding a good sponsor.

With such a sponsor we could:
a] insert all options from the Addon into the search tool
b] stop asking users to donate.
c] stay freeware without nagware.
d] buy a new coffee machine.
e] build the next generation of GGSearch with a lot more power.

Now where should I start? Will I ever find a "super" sponsor? Know anybody? Are you that person?

More about this quest and it's questions at a later time!

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