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Monday, August 04, 2003

Search tool free from banners? Donate! 

Why donate?
I need to stop adding more options and get things ready to release it to you. Then I can take the time to work further on the many more options I have in my wishlist. So what did I add so far?
- Added India news search
- Added Theme option... Bit rough but.. ;-)
- Changed the "Some of these options need a restart..."
- Added Germany to news search engine..
- added more feedster options (OMPL and RSS)
- Added feedster support
- Added Blog options in the Google option window.
- Added Blog option for Google (+blog) ;-)
- AOL browser support.. Use as custom browser name: AOL
- Inserted a Search hit counter...
- Fixed the + sign viewer bug..
- Added online: http://ggsearch.blogspot.com
- Added University search.
- Added Google website Menu (rightmouse click on SearchButton)
- Added regkey for the new installer to find it's way
- Added translations for new options.
- Added canada to news option
- Fixed the Country Name bug
- Language settings are saved now...
- Updated Google Domains with the latest country's
- Added Option > Search pages located in: country name
- Added Google News home in Google options
co.uk, com, co.nz, com.au
- Not to forget: some bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

Let's draw a line...This is enough for now.. Let's try to release a Search Tool out on the net. There are some things on the wishlist I would like to add or change in time but for now I will only fix things ;-).

Thinking about the future..
I am thinking about to enable or to disable some options. Not kiddin! I think donators should have something extra!! That's why I created the addon. So, If you would like to keep the Search tool free from banners at start up or other tricks then you can help me out: Donate, Donate or Donate and get the addon! You can change the future!

Now I need to update the helpfile, readme files and installer. Then send it to the betatesters and Translators (again)...

Enough to do!

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