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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

That ##### default browser shit 

Today I focused on browsers and their default behavior. It would be nice that GGSearch would get your fav browser, or present you with a list of your used browsers.

Problem is where do I need to look, have in mind that we need to be a normall user with no privileges and we all have our own browser that is the best ever ;-). Here is the answer: They all have their favorite dirty tricks to do that.

At this moment I am looking at Mozzila Icons on my desktop and when you click on them MyIE2 opens. Great work! Lucky for me IExplorer knows that it's position is almost done and ask me to set it as default browser.. No way! All of the programmers seem to have the same problem where the ##### do we need to check for it's default browser? I finnaly found it, I must use all methodes.

So what have I learned today?

* That a user without any privileges needs to have a nice admin.

* That this blog looked kinda ugly with Mozzila, Firebird and opera

* That MyIE2 puts itself in every Hkey that has something to do with default browser behavior

* Mozzilla has a red desktop icon

* The windows registry can be very boring.

* Firebird aint that bad at all.

* After a fix this blog looks ugly with all browsers!

* Sometimes it's better to have a browser as no browser ;-)

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