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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

This is a LONG story :-) 

Yesterday I didn't post much. I was to busy taking care of Ria (She was sick.. I think the temperature and the Chinese food got here. Today she went (just like me) to work so I think she will be fine. I am not in good in playing the nurse..Although I am good in getting nursed ;-)
That's why I didn't post much. So Today I will try to make this up to you by writing a bit more then usually.

Feedster added a new feature to it's already amazing search engine. I think it is looking great. Next that comes to mind is when this blog will turn into red? James changed his website again and I wonder when his brother is ready to translate the search tool into Esperanto. And Jake, is michelle already asking for pocket money?

The blog with the tongue breaker saved my day at work. :-) Funny to see that sometimes things come together on the net. Although my problem was a CID that would not go away, it put me straight in a good direction.

Servergeek put me this weekend on remote desktopping with Windows XP. But I think I stick to UltraVNC and this IP-page until I am convinced.

Today I also got a real mail!! Yes, the one that the post office people bring to your house! Remember those days? If not, you could ask your grandparents about it. They now how it was to recieve a letter. Anyway, their was a card with it and a 5 Euro donation!
Thank you very much JJ, the card is hanging on the wall so everybody can see it when they walk into the house :-) As soon as I get my scanner back I will change the card into one's and zero's and post it on the blog.

And Chris I have a coffee breakfast every morning!

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