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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Linux on my Laptop 

I recreated a perfect working windows laptop into a buggy Linux system!

No sound, no pcmcia (no network). Lucky we have Floppy net!

Can't install the pcmcia driver cause we need to "make" it. Now I don't have the room to install the development kit so I can never "make" it work on the laptop. I think that really sucks!

But I love how it works and looks!

As you can see I am reading the Manuscript of the Hanseatic League on it :-)

"Retired Brigadier General Adam DePrince is reluctantly called out of retirement to combat an enemy he had helped to destroy years ago. Despite his protests, he agrees to help his old friend Admiral Hiram Johnson to stop the menacing Hanseatic League before it gathers steam once again."

Now I must say that I rather read a book from paper then read it on a computer..

Maybe I am not Nerdie/Geeky enough?

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