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Sunday, October 12, 2003


I tried to post something really interesting and funny but now when I look at the screen I can only think of my bed.
There was a lot that I would have told you. Some about betatesters for software, search engines that keeps on growing and some chat about how many query hits this searchtool makes a day.
But for now I would like to ask you all a question about a nasty problem I recieved about the ggsearch website opening itself as the default browser page (Never implemented this so it should be a browser related problem.. ).

This is a part of the email I recieved:
"found the GGSearch page opening my browser as the home page. I already have a home page that is a portal with many features on it. So I re-designated my page as the home page, deleted all the cookies and placed the GGSearch page in a security zone of my NORTON’s Internet Security program. GGSearch keeps coming back and replacing my home page. I would like this to stop. Perhaps, you can advise me on a method to accomplish this."

I already advised running spybot but mabey one of you readers know about this problem and could help me (us) with it..

To tired..Sometimes you have to follow your instinct.. I am off to bed!

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