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Thursday, October 16, 2003

GGsearch.com part II 

To collect some evidence I am going to post here all the email I get for those @#$$%@#%$ people from GGSearch.com

If you want to get rid of GGSearch.com try Spybot.
If you fixed it in a different manor, Please email me so I can help all those other users..

Dear Sirs,
During my internet connection this morning GGSearch.com was automatically, and without my consent, loaded onto my browser and change my home page to www.ggsearch.com. I hope you are not responsible for this invasion.
I did not request this and do not want it. I had our IT department change it, but it changed itself again later back to ggsearch. I would greatly appreciate your help in removing this pest from my computer.

My computer constantly tries to open www.ggsearch.com/error/page 404.html. It is very frustrating. Can you help me to remove it out of my system Windows XP Pro.

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