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Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Search Tool 

In November I will start to work on: "The Search Tool".
Now I dont have a name for "The Search Tool" but I can promise you this:

Add a search engine, add some parameters, create some options and you are ready to go.
It should stay really simple. And I think I will launch it as shareware. Yes, I need to buy some coffee too!

The Price.. hmmzz that is always a struggle. Need to think more about that. What will be a fair price for a nice little tool? What if you are a search engine owner? If I make a registration in it, how long will it take before I can download a regkey maker for it on a crack site?

Any suggestions?

Another project I am thinking of is something I talked about with Scott some time ago. That will be a larger project but because I want to change my "Code Framework" anyway it would be on track already.
Lets see what the future brings us.

Type and read you later!

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