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Saturday, October 25, 2003

They want to put me in Guantanamo Bay 

Still no email back from the owners of ggsearch.com about the naughty thing they do with your browsers. I guess they don't care at all about the problems they get you in.

Every email that blames the searchtool for their trouble popups this terrible headake. I know that they blame ggsearch.com and not my searchtool but how would they know the differents? Some of the writers want to hang me at the highest tree and others would like to see me in Guantanamo Bay. Now I think I prefer hanging myself then being a prisoner without any human rights.
Because I dont believe in taking the shortcut out of this planet I digged some deeper to help you on the way to get those ggsearch.com dudes out of your browser.

A lot of people can't seem to get the email adress of the abusers. Let me tell you the adress:

I would love to read some response about ggsearch.com on the forum. But please dont blame me for it..

These dudes: ggsupport@ggsearch.com did that to your machine..

Now its time for a peacefull picture

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