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Sunday, December 28, 2003

This is the room where the new GGSearch version schould be written... I upgraded my network a bit. A Wifi accespoint will be available soon so we can wander arround the house :-P.

While I am typing this, the stats page go crazy, seems like a lot of people are reading this again. And I would like to thank PC-Welt in Germany for placing GGSearch in the "share and freeware Top 100". Now we are at place 82 so it's not that big but big enough for me to keep on building towards different versions. At least we are in the top 100 :-P

GGSearch TIP:
Did Santa bring you a new brand X or a cool toy called XYZ. Wnadering what other people think of it?
Try to search with the blog option:

First setup GGSearch to work with Feedster then you choose the blog option as search option.

The feedster results are based on Blogs (Journals) and most of them are real persons with their own experiences. So now my wireless router has been patched and we didn't buy product ZYX for Xmass thank too Feedster the blog search engine.

Now it's time for me to paint myself all over. If I am lucky I will get some paint on the wall too!

Type and read you later!

Merry Searching and a finding New year!

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