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Saturday, January 10, 2004

This should be a moving day but I am coding again... 

To bad we don't have any floortiles yet...

Now we have to wait until those people come over to put the tiles in before we can move the bigger pieces. We already have a nice and big table, with 6 chairs around it. It looks so great that it is a pitty that our older stuff will fill that room too ;-)

Now the good thing about us not moving today is that it leaves me some time to code at GGSearch! Not that I will release a beta soon, to much to do before that time comes. I am not going to write here what to expect because last time I did that some very big companie also released their tool with some of those goodies in it . No names, No names ;-) Just kidding (You hope)! We know it was coincedental.. Wasn't it?

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