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Sunday, February 01, 2004

56k to the Wallstreet Journal 

So here I sit behind a 56k modem because the cable guy needs to fix something.. Me and the cable company don't understand each other. They can't understand why I need to stay connected and I don't understand why I they don't wanna come whenever I want ;-)
Now a nice voice behind a helpdesk is telling me that wednesday morning a cable repair guy will be available and because I installed and wired everything ok they will charge nothing. Still I am a bit #### about me being not connected to the inet. Time to ask a refund!

The sound of a modem is rather fun to hear, didn't hear it in a long time. Kinda frustrating that my emailboxes are getting spammed with viruses. It is no fun the retrieve about 400 spams a day but when some of them are viruses you really get nuts.

There is some nicer news too:
GGSearch got mentioned in the Wallstreet journal! It is a nice article but you need to be a member to view it.

Coffee anyone?

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