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Thursday, March 04, 2004

I said no to at least $10.000. Am I getting insane? 

Done it, tested it with the beta testers, it worked, I removed it.
Nice to know that I can make it but I will not build it.

I was this close in building an adware/spyware program into GGSearch.
Here is why: The money!

A Searchtool like GGSearch can make between the 10000 and 40000 Dollar by installing adware or spyware on your machine. Now that is a big load of money for somebody like me. I could host GGSearch a few years for that. Could I live with that karmic burden on my shoulders? How much is your soul worth?

After consulting my wife, family and friends I decided that I am not going to do it. Although we could use every Euro I can get my hands on, it isn't worth it. GGSearch gets some donations so that will ease the pain a bit.. It's nice to get a few dollars a month. Almost as nice as the thank you emails I get from GGSearchers. It keeps me continuing my GGSearch Quest.

Now if you are a nice sponsor and you want to show yourself with GGSearch, let me tell you now:
I don't know what people are looking for.
I do not have advanced statistics.
I don't know how many people are comming from whatever country.
Its getting worse: Yes the users can disable the splash! So it could be a onetime view.

But I know this:
The searchtool is downloaded between the 50 and 150 times a day.
My searchtool users are advanced Google users. (Yes you are! admid it!)
There are a few thousend tools arround on this planet.
If you would like to have worldwide exposure then you need GGSearch

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