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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

GGSearch goes USATODAY and Yahoonews 

Big article about the toolbars, with as last sentence some words about GGSearch:
Sadly, however, all these toolbars work only on Windows computers running Internet Explorer. For other browsers, try GGSearch, a standalone application that looks like a toolbar. You get basic Google searches but not extras like pop-up blockers. USAtoday, yahoonews, mywaynews, verizon.

Seems like a lot of website use the same article...
update: also look at: Heraldsun, excitenews, Comcast, Ev1, BelSouth, 1010wins, LasVegasSun, Optonline, newsobserver, Iwon, IndyStar, ABC13, Go2net, Boston, Newsday, Tribnet, Netster & the USA times

Did I miss any?

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