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Monday, April 19, 2004

Google Adsense 

Yes, it finaly arived!
Frysianfools has the permission to run Google's Adsense(TM) on it's website..
Now funny thing is that at the same time also Firetrust banners are running there. That's right folks, we are being banner'd!

So why Firetrust software?

People that come here often know that I kept a spam counter.. After 1000000 hits I just didn't kept a log anymore. Funny thing is that at a certain point I could not get to my emailboxes due to to much spam end viruses. So I checked out the application called Mailwasher Free and fell in love with it, upgraded it at once to Mailwasher Pro . It works like this: The program checks the email servers and read a small portion of all email. The program or you decide what to do with it. The program also contains a sort of virus detector and with the filters from this very great forum at computercops you can see the email between the junkmail again!

Benign (or B9) is a program that sits on my laptop between my email program and the outside..
My email program goes to B9 and B9 downloads the leftovers (from Mailwasher Pro) from the email server. It neutralizes or strips out the code that makes viruses, worms and scripts and other potentially harmful things run. B9 is so simple to use that I didn't have to do a lot myself to let it run. You can tweak it but why should I when it is running great?

Now you know why I choose Mailwasher Pro and Benign as banners for Frysanfools. Now I still need some time to tweak the banners, so don't hold it against me when it looks crappie at this moment (yes I am lazy).

The Google adsense is a different kinda thingie..
It's simple, you earn money when people click on it and it's up to Google what kinda adverts are being showed. I can however ban certain links. You can get a lot of options with it. But I may not ask you to go to the website and to click on the banners. To bad that I was thinking about asking you all to..... Well, can't do that. Sorry folks!

One last thing: I know that most of you don't care if there are banners on the GGSearch website, but for the few of you that do care:
"Come one dudes, it's from Google, forgive me but I could not resist it!!"

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