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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

My eyes! My eyes! 

Started coding again.
Time to pick up all the pieces and start coding again. Dunno how you guys & girls are going but life at the programming lane was kinda quiet here. My working machine is a totall mess and needs to have a fresh start again. I also took the time to rebuild GGSearch. In time some things get clearer and when I looked at some of my code, I knew it was time to do it over. Not that it will be different for the GGSearchers but for me it looks much better now. There are some more browser that can work with GGSearch (need a confirmation about the firefoxbrowser and GGSearch so please if you are able to, try it and let me know... ) and there is a buzz about some things that may be hapening in the future.
800.000 hits where made with the seachtool. Now I know that most people disable this function (Searchtool options> Enable counter) so I think it is a great thing. Must say that now Google has it's toolbar and deskbar I expected to see lesser hits but all with all it stays steady.. Now I need a few more weeks to get GGSearch into one stable package again. Now it's time to earch for my eyes, as you can see on the picture I seem to have lost them somewhere :P

Read and type you later!

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