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Friday, April 16, 2004

UltraEdit update 

Ian Mead updated UltraEdit also (v10.10c)
Nice thing about it is that he uses this webupdater that will download everything for you!!

Changes for the latest release include:
- Resizeable dialogs for FTP Open/Save As, ASCII Table and
Find List lines containg string
- Column Insert Number feature allows Hex or Decimal
- Project Directories allow Recursive addition of files/folders
- SFTP allows Public/Private Key encryption
- Improved UTF-8 support with BOM detection
- Max columns increased to allow up to 20,000
- Word count enhanced with additional information
- Alt+ Up/Down commands to switch documents according to File Tab order
- Additional macro commands added for:
- Conversion to/from EBCDIC
- Next/Previous Document
- Setting of code page and locale:
- Locale used (optionally) for sort
- Code page used for Unicode conversions
- Increaed UNDO buffer sizes
- Double click empty spaces to select all contiguous space
- Open of Unicode paths via Drag and Drop from Explorer
- Sort optionally uses locale to sort
- New file compare:
- Improved interface
- Better algorithms
- Supports binary compare
- Supports FTP files without saving locally
- Double click document file tab to close file
- Added INI setting to not automatically browse when changing FTP account
(Default now not to browse)
- Other minor changes

That's an update!! Now that makes me think that I also need to get back to work!

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