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Friday, May 21, 2004

Jake his nipples 

No, it's not that kinda story ;-)
Jake from Utterlyboring comes up 1 when you ask Google to: remove ggsearch. Really funny :-)

But incase you would like to uninstall GGSearch (note: This ain't about that nasty toolbar that has hyjacked your browser..) goto your controlpanel > Software > GGsearchtool and uninstall it.
If you wonder where you can find the register entry:
hkey localuser > software > ggsearchtool.

It's that easy folks! Nothing to hide for you all..

Now I think most of you that look for a way to remove ggsearch, are doing it because it's that nasty toolbar that popups this website called ggsearch.com. On the forum I collect complains against them.

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