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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Tired to the bone 

Well folks, I am now totally drained :-)

Ria and Denise are both fine..
Yesterday was a complete out of space experience for me. We checked in at 09:45 at the hospital in Sneek (a half hour drive). Before we new it we where both wearing hospital clothes and Ria was getting prepared for surgery. All the people at the hospital where very kind to us and they talked with us the whole nine yards. Although we where both ready for the "Sectio caesarea" it is still a big thing to get trough. I am not going to tell all the detail here but at 13:20 Denise was born, 3340 grams and 50 cm tall (a very beautiful and lovely girl). Around 14:30 we where all united in the nursery and Denise could say hello to her mother. After a few minutes Denise was drinking milk from her mother and so we where both very happy and lucky that these things can go so good.

Now I must say that this "Sectio caesarea" isn't a small thingie, Ria is still in pain and it is very difficult to raise your baby while the rest of your body needs the time to heal, but she does a very good job.
Anyway, I can help with a lot of things like getting Denise to burp and changing the dipers and I think that I do a good job. She burps just like here father ;-)

Now I can write a lot about the two lovers in my live but I think I have gave you enough feed for today. I am tired to the bone and this 2 day daddy needs his rest too.

Because I forgot to remember how the digital Photo camera worked ;-) I created this avi with it:
Very proud to present to you; Our love and life: Denise her first movie

Type and read you later!


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