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Thursday, July 08, 2004

folding@home FAH-hide 

Hi folks

While playing arround with FAH I thought I could use a little tool for hiding the console version..

* added config
* added log stats
* removed bogus text from help dialog
* added version info in about dialog

Download: Fah-hide.rar
contains two files: fahhide.exe & fahhide.ini

Howto install:
Unrar both files into you FAH folder (where FAH4Console.exe is located)

Howto edit config:
Open with notepad fahhide.ini
Change the "none" into your Team Id and Username

Howto run:
Start FAH4Console.exe
Start fahhide.exe
Rightmouseclick on tray icon (see picture)
Click hide to hide and show to show it again. :wink:
Pressing Exit will show the console again and will exit fahhide.

Keep on folding!


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