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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Newsbin Pro hide 

Oh well,
I already builded one for FAH and thought it would be handy for me to build one for Newsbin Pro too... Now I talked about it with the dudes from Newsbin and they kinda liked it too... After a few revisions ;-) we decided that it was time to release it for some beta testing...

Now it is still in beta stage but if you like it feel free to get it at the Newsbin Pro forum

What's new
Pre-release for dexter :-)
added Show NBP on exit
added password protection on show
added magic find NBP windows
removed old tweak option from config
Removed unneccesary help info
removed edit config option
added some small tweaks..
If no .cfg is found app wil make one.
added check to see if newsbin pro was
already running in normall or hidden modus
fixed password cancel bug
Optimized find Newsbin Pro windows code
Fixed freez on windows exit (password loop bug)
Removed bogus info from About
added "No nbp found" when pushing hide and
no nbp was found
added ignore password on Exit when NBP is not
rewritten password dialogs
optimized code
rewritten show/hide actions
changed icon single click to double click
to show nbp

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