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Monday, September 13, 2004

Bulding a Help file... 

:Title GGSearch Toc
:Index GGSearch: the search tool with google(TM) power=ggsearch.hlp
1 Information
2 About this software=PAGE_0@ggsearch.hlp
2 License Agreement:=PAGE_6@ggsearch.hlp
1 Donations and gifts=PAGE_2@ggsearch.hlp
1 Options
2 Option Index=PAGE_5@ggsearch.hlp
2 Google options=PAGE_4@ggsearch.hlp
2 Main Screen options=PAGE_7@ggsearch.hlp
2 MainScreen Query field=PAGE_8@ggsearch.hlp
2 Main Screen Search In option=PAGE_9@ggsearch.hlp
2 Main Screen Status bar=PAGE_10@ggsearch.hlp
2 Menu options=PAGE_11@ggsearch.hlp
2 Blog options=PAGE_1@ggsearch.hlp
2 Extra Option=PAGE_3@ggsearch.hlp

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