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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Last change to get the addon cheap! 

I decided to enable the "Extra search engine" only for the people that donate and to raise the minimum of 2.50 to 5 dollar before you recieve the plugin/addon and extra's...

The Two dollar and fifty cents was great in 2002 when I started with the searchtool but now with the prices you see all over this country I think it is time for me to raize it to a tiny little bit. Don't forget: In the Netherlands we have to pay tax over the donations and Paypall also wants a share of it so at the end I still would have the $2.50 to spend on Denise :-)

So if you where thinking about donating... Act now!

As soon as 3.8 hits the release stage I will raise the price so until then you can get it for the old donation price. The people that already send in an donation will not notice a differents, the search tool will still be available with all the options for you!

Thank you for donating!

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