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Friday, April 23, 2004

I hate it when somebody takes my place 

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Google's collection of 6 billion 

Voelspriet (Henk van Ess) made a post on his forum about this: Google's collection of 6 billion items comprises 4.28 billion web pages, 880 million images, 845 million Usenet messages, and a growing collection of book-related information pages. You can find the article here.

WOOW that means that GGSearch can do that too!!

Painting the nursery 

While Ria is working on the biggest project of our lives ever, the time has come for me to do some serious things like painting the nursery..
So if you happen to see this dude with a lot of paint over his head, It's me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Finally made it in the Google news!! 

Better one then none! (Google News)

Sometimes I forget the things Google can do:
Many of the same (Google News)

GGSearch goes USATODAY and Yahoonews 

Big article about the toolbars, with as last sentence some words about GGSearch:
Sadly, however, all these toolbars work only on Windows computers running Internet Explorer. For other browsers, try GGSearch, a standalone application that looks like a toolbar. You get basic Google searches but not extras like pop-up blockers. USAtoday, yahoonews, mywaynews, verizon.

Seems like a lot of website use the same article...
update: also look at: Heraldsun, excitenews, Comcast, Ev1, BelSouth, 1010wins, LasVegasSun, Optonline, newsobserver, Iwon, IndyStar, ABC13, Go2net, Boston, Newsday, Tribnet, Netster & the USA times

Did I miss any?

Monday, April 19, 2004

Google Adsense 

Yes, it finaly arived!
Frysianfools has the permission to run Google's Adsense(TM) on it's website..
Now funny thing is that at the same time also Firetrust banners are running there. That's right folks, we are being banner'd!

So why Firetrust software?

People that come here often know that I kept a spam counter.. After 1000000 hits I just didn't kept a log anymore. Funny thing is that at a certain point I could not get to my emailboxes due to to much spam end viruses. So I checked out the application called Mailwasher Free and fell in love with it, upgraded it at once to Mailwasher Pro . It works like this: The program checks the email servers and read a small portion of all email. The program or you decide what to do with it. The program also contains a sort of virus detector and with the filters from this very great forum at computercops you can see the email between the junkmail again!

Benign (or B9) is a program that sits on my laptop between my email program and the outside..
My email program goes to B9 and B9 downloads the leftovers (from Mailwasher Pro) from the email server. It neutralizes or strips out the code that makes viruses, worms and scripts and other potentially harmful things run. B9 is so simple to use that I didn't have to do a lot myself to let it run. You can tweak it but why should I when it is running great?

Now you know why I choose Mailwasher Pro and Benign as banners for Frysanfools. Now I still need some time to tweak the banners, so don't hold it against me when it looks crappie at this moment (yes I am lazy).

The Google adsense is a different kinda thingie..
It's simple, you earn money when people click on it and it's up to Google what kinda adverts are being showed. I can however ban certain links. You can get a lot of options with it. But I may not ask you to go to the website and to click on the banners. To bad that I was thinking about asking you all to..... Well, can't do that. Sorry folks!

One last thing: I know that most of you don't care if there are banners on the GGSearch website, but for the few of you that do care:
"Come one dudes, it's from Google, forgive me but I could not resist it!!"

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Confirmation firefox and GGSearch 

Choose "Searchtool Options" > "enable custom browser" > With the dropdown box; Choose Mozilla > browse to Firefox application. Save and close

Now you can GGSearch with Firefox too!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Grab the nearest book 23/5 

1. Grab the nearest book. 2. Open the book to page 23. 3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

And on this Couple drop a blessed crown; For it is you that have chalk'd forth the way which brought us hither. (Shakespeare-The tempest chapter I)

Friday, April 16, 2004

UltraEdit update 

Ian Mead updated UltraEdit also (v10.10c)
Nice thing about it is that he uses this webupdater that will download everything for you!!

Changes for the latest release include:
- Resizeable dialogs for FTP Open/Save As, ASCII Table and
Find List lines containg string
- Column Insert Number feature allows Hex or Decimal
- Project Directories allow Recursive addition of files/folders
- SFTP allows Public/Private Key encryption
- Improved UTF-8 support with BOM detection
- Max columns increased to allow up to 20,000
- Word count enhanced with additional information
- Alt+ Up/Down commands to switch documents according to File Tab order
- Additional macro commands added for:
- Conversion to/from EBCDIC
- Next/Previous Document
- Setting of code page and locale:
- Locale used (optionally) for sort
- Code page used for Unicode conversions
- Increaed UNDO buffer sizes
- Double click empty spaces to select all contiguous space
- Open of Unicode paths via Drag and Drop from Explorer
- Sort optionally uses locale to sort
- New file compare:
- Improved interface
- Better algorithms
- Supports binary compare
- Supports FTP files without saving locally
- Double click document file tab to close file
- Added INI setting to not automatically browse when changing FTP account
(Default now not to browse)
- Other minor changes

That's an update!! Now that makes me think that I also need to get back to work!

Windows commander v6.03 

Christian Ghisler created a new version of Total commander.
Unfortunately the parallel port connection no longer works
in this version, which was only detected after the release.
Another update is planned for next week. If you don't use
this function, you should update to version 6.03 now.

So my old laptop has to wait for an upgrade..

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

My eyes! My eyes! 

Started coding again.
Time to pick up all the pieces and start coding again. Dunno how you guys & girls are going but life at the programming lane was kinda quiet here. My working machine is a totall mess and needs to have a fresh start again. I also took the time to rebuild GGSearch. In time some things get clearer and when I looked at some of my code, I knew it was time to do it over. Not that it will be different for the GGSearchers but for me it looks much better now. There are some more browser that can work with GGSearch (need a confirmation about the firefoxbrowser and GGSearch so please if you are able to, try it and let me know... ) and there is a buzz about some things that may be hapening in the future.
800.000 hits where made with the seachtool. Now I know that most people disable this function (Searchtool options> Enable counter) so I think it is a great thing. Must say that now Google has it's toolbar and deskbar I expected to see lesser hits but all with all it stays steady.. Now I need a few more weeks to get GGSearch into one stable package again. Now it's time to earch for my eyes, as you can see on the picture I seem to have lost them somewhere :P

Read and type you later!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Typical Dutch 

Not for the disco kids!!

And yes those are my wooden shoes!

Now I dare you to show me yours!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Replace your shell! 

Found many shell replacements here. Turn your desktop into a 3d view and step into the future. Or just get rid of the boring Windows shell and create one for yourself. Most shells are available with premade themes and ready to go.
Now the old Laptop runs smooth again...


Me got a new goodie to play with: http://kraaima.com
It's plain, it's simple and I love it!

Hey! I think you have a funny surname too!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Time to switch? 

Wooow, nice works dudes!!
Lockergnome goes into blogdom!!
Shall I do it too?

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