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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

75000 search queries 

Yeah, I know that I should have posted more..

Not much to say about it. My leg/spine isn't that great the last couple of weeks so I tried to leave the machine alone.
The wishlist is still growing and I must say that in my mind I already build the perfect tool.. Now I should get /take the time to actualy build it :-)

Yesterday the 75000th search query hit was made! Yes, I think it is great too!

In time I want to create a sortof stats page for the hits.. Would be fun to see on what day most people use it. But because the limited time this is also written in the wishlist.

Friday, September 26, 2003

PictureForm 1.1.64 Beta Released 

Ask Paul for a copy!

It is screen-capture software but has a few extras ... it can send the image straight to Microsoft Word, to the Clipboard, or even to Email!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


R. Cockman: "After a long spell of overcast weather, skies cleared just in time for us to catch the tail end of the auroral storms that had raged for a couple of days. Whilst we watched, we saw the Moon and Saturn rise majestically in conjunction in the NE amongst the stars of Gemini. An iridium flare appears in the first image."

More here

Saturday, September 20, 2003

a Forest 

No, not that song from "the Cure" but a real forest!

The lane that goes down to the lake...

a Woodcutter created a chair for gnomes

Another point of view...

Beta testing 

I like to play with beta software.. The good thing is that you can see the improvements with every new version. Today I have tested some software a friend made. It is a handy tool for me to get a job quicker done. The fun part is that people keep suprising me with their inventions and how to overcome problems.
As soon as an official beta or release is there I will let you know what it is all about..

Friday, September 19, 2003

Dont steal from him... 

Sorry :-), Can you teach me how you created that?

When I was a deckhand 

I didn't like this panorma

It meant a lot of trouble and work for us Deckhands, Bosuns, Mates and Captains. And yes Utterlyboring, Thats the time that you start to grab a lifeline and jacket without any order. With a good seagoing vessel it is the ride of your life.. With a crapy ship.. buy clean underwear!

Never underestimate the power of nature..

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Linux on my Laptop 

I recreated a perfect working windows laptop into a buggy Linux system!

No sound, no pcmcia (no network). Lucky we have Floppy net!

Can't install the pcmcia driver cause we need to "make" it. Now I don't have the room to install the development kit so I can never "make" it work on the laptop. I think that really sucks!

But I love how it works and looks!

As you can see I am reading the Manuscript of the Hanseatic League on it :-)

"Retired Brigadier General Adam DePrince is reluctantly called out of retirement to combat an enemy he had helped to destroy years ago. Despite his protests, he agrees to help his old friend Admiral Hiram Johnson to stop the menacing Hanseatic League before it gathers steam once again."

Now I must say that I rather read a book from paper then read it on a computer..

Maybe I am not Nerdie/Geeky enough?

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Nice goodies 

Great work Outercourt: Find All Files/ Folders Named "X".

I already have one on the wishlist :) Or should I name it to buglist absolongnamy?

GGSearch got 

Gnomed at webattack with a 5 star rating!!

I like that website..
As a software dude you can submit the software for free. They try it and if they like it.. Youre in! C|Net could/should learn from that! The best thing was this: if you write Webattack a question they respond! C|Net could also take a look at Tucows. I didn't pay them, I asked a question, both websites answered and updated my software profile!

Yes, really! It's possible!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Emails Checked: 87855
Total Spams Caught: 77883

Thank you again for sending me all the spam.. Looking forward to get more .

Monday, September 15, 2003

More then 25000 search actions... 

:) I think the counter is working!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

The answer 

1] It's between what powered him and his lust for money..
That would be the X
2] The release date (the year) of version V1.0.0.0
3] 3 vowels from the former name for Feedster.
Roogle > ooe
4] The last letter of my famous four foot hero.
Tunaphish > H

x2001ooeh :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2003


Don't know what happend but it seems like the people at Bebits blow new life in BeOS again. A lot of new updates and upgrades of software is available and this is the wiki page about OpenBeOS at Bebits. Here you can find the website of OpenBeos. Yes, people are making an OpenOS of it. Good idea!

I wonder if I should dust of my Pro version and put it on my machine again.... Just to get that thrill again..

Good Morning! 

and I think it is a good morning.

Yesterday was a hectic day. First I used groupmail pro the wrong way. It took my machine 8 hours to send out mail to everybody on my mailinglist. Then my mailbox got overloaded with emails bouncing back.. Now I couldn't get to it so I had to use webmail to clean it up again. Not funny at all. By the time I cleared that one up my webserver decided to give it up too. To many downloads at the same time.. Now lucky for me that my Hosting provider was awake and on the case.. So now it runs again...

I wait a few days to get some response from C|Net. If my message is not answered I am going to start a flame. I paid $78 to get in the listing and now I cant even change my information without having to pay again....

Anyway.. I write more about that later...

Friday, September 12, 2003

GGSearch 3.7 the searchtool with Google(TM) and Feedster power! 

At this moment I am busy updating the website for:
Done with updating the GGSearch website with the latest version (3.7)!

Would I stop now? Of course not! I just started with it! The future will bring more options and a lot of features.

Special thanx to: The betatesters, translators and donators.

Extra gratitude to: Chris Pirillo, Scott Johnson, The Norwood twins ;-) , Chee Aun and Helsby for giving me input and output. Without you folks this tool wouldn't be so great.

Do you have something for the wishlist? Let me know!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Ready to download? 

1] It's between what powered him and his lust for money..
2] The release date (the year) of version V1.0.0.0
3] 3 vowels from the former name for Feedster.
4] The last letter of my famous four foot hero.

Place al these chars in one line and place "http://www.fryianfools.com/ggsearch/" before and ".exe" behind it :-)

Have fun :-)

Go blogger! 

Blogger gives away things for free!

These features include:
Spellchecking: Fewer typos. Look smarter.
Post-Dating: Adjust the date and time for a post, so it can show up under yesterday's heading, or save it for a later date (so you remember to post about your friend's birthday).
Drafts: Not done with that thought? Mark it a draft and complete it later. Or keep things in draft form for your own reference.
Daily Archiving: In addition to monthly and weekly options.
Post Titles: An optional field to add a title, or subject line, to each post. Handy if you format things that way in your template.
Post Template: If you routinely use the same formatting or HTML in your posts, load it in automatically.
BlogSend: Post to your blog, and it is sent via email.

Thank you people for all those options!
Now could I suggest one small feature for you to work on in the future: RSS support

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Should this be a new option? 

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01

Me likes it!

Smoking news 

Some insane political dudes wanted to ban smoking from pubs, cafes and Disco's in our country. But because the owners of those establishments talked with our government and claimed that they will loose a lot of customers, these dudes changed their silly minds.

Now don't get me wrong, I am for a smoke free pub. Place a good ventilation system and start a law that controlling it so people can eat/ drink without having to sniff up my smoke. But a total smoking ban is stupid! Some people here tried to open a smoke free pub but because nobody went there is was closed very quick. I think you need more none smoking customers for that.

I do think that you should ban it from sport and government buildings. And I love to see a picture of a rotten lung on my tabaco package! That will teach me! "You see that rotten lung?", "That's your future..". Hey, didn't knew I got one.

Oh well.. I know I need to stop smoking.. One day I will learn!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Riddle when I fiddle with my Didle 

mmmzz that sounds like a lyrick from whathisname..

Clue: 3 vowels from the former name for Feedster


Now stop that and let me sleep Boss..

Monday, September 08, 2003

Kinda busy 

Riddle part II: The release date (the year) of version V1.0.0.0 ( I like those text files nobody reads untill you want to know something ..)

This has nothing to do woth the riddle.. Just a nice picture from around Harlingen.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Riddle and find the beta 

Today This week ;-) I am releasing a public beta (with expire date (Yeah I know.. don't tell me about it... )).

To make it more fun, I have hidden it somewhere. This week I will give you hints where to find a character. All these characters together in a specific way will point to the Download URL.. Don't you hate it?

The first hint:

It's between what powered him and his lust for money..

Friday, September 05, 2003

Tom Clancy Might Have Something to Worry About. 

Paul got his book: the hanseatic league reviewed.

The Hanseatic League is the first in what I am hoping is a long series of Adam DePrince books. Paul Norwood has shown us he has got what it takes to spin a gripping tale. With more twist and turns than a North Carolina mountain back road, he will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. They will stay that way all the way to the end.
Once you have The Hanseatic League in your hands, you will want to cancel your plans, lock the door and unplug the phone. You are not going to want anything to bother you until you have finished. This reviewer loved the book and is left with only one question. Mr Norwood, what is next?

More at: http://mightywrite.com/pnorwood.htm

Keep on writing!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Closed in protest against software patents 

This page is temporarily closed in protest against software patents planned in Europe. Websites may soon be closed down regularly due to software patents. Shareware like Total Commander or Freeware GGSearch will then no longer be available. Software patents can get you prosecuted for publishing software you wrote yourself!

Now I would not go so far (yet) but this is terrible!

GGSearch and its users 

Tese stats are not where they are comming from but what language they used viewing the website.

(en) English 42.7%

(zh) Chinese 14.2%

(fr) French 12.6%

(nl) Dutch 10.8%

(de) German 5.5%

(es) Spanish 3.7%

(pl) Polish 2.5%

(it) Italian 1.3%

(pt) Portuguese 0.9%

(ar) Arabic 0.8%

(ru) Russian 0.7%

unknown 0.7%

(fa) Persian 0.6%

(sv) Swedish 0.3%

(fi) Finnish 0.3%

(hu) Hungarian 0.3%

(ko) Korean 0.2%

(da) Danish 0.2%

(ja) Japanese 0.2%

(no) Norwegian 0.2%

(el) Greek 0.2%

(rs) ???? 0.2%

(tr) Turkish 0.2%

(cs) Czech 0.2%

(ms) Malay 0.1%

(eu) Basque 0.1%

(bg) Bulgarian 0.1%

(he) ???? 0.1%

(lt) Lithuanian 0.1%

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Google bans Kazaalite? 

As required under Sections 512(c)(3) and 512(d)(3) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. §§512(c)(3) and 512(d)(3)), we are instructed to place you on notice that:

1. The Owner is the exclusive owner of the copyrights in and to the Kazaa Media Desktop software (the "KMD"); and

2. Utilizing the search query, "kazaa," at www.google.com, the following search results (the "Infringing Material") contain unauthorized copies of the KMD or unauthorized derivative works of the KMD which infringe the KMD and the exclusive rights of the Owner:

More at Chillingeffects.

Seems like Google already took action.

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