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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Feedster on my Palm 

I was reading Scott his question: Any Hardware Guys Out in BlogLand or "How do I get Feedster on my Sidekick / PocketPC / Palm"?

I use Avantgo to sync between their service and my Palm Vx. The nice thing about it is that you can add custom pages and this seem to work fine for some blogs. So I tried this service with Feedster.
Let me try to explain what I did:

The URL you need: (Sorry no RSS available)

Customize the part in red to your needs if you use this example...

Now go to AvantGo:
Login or get an account, do what they tell you to do ;-) and when your done create a custom channel. Now there is also this you have to know about custom channels. Where it asks for a Location: Use the feedster url you created (see example). Tweak the options and press the "save channel" button.

Now put your palm in it's cradle and push that hotsync button!

(If you use Avantgo and want to have Scott on your Palm in a single click, click here # )

So how does it look? Kinda ugly... :-( On my palm the links and descriptions looked ok but the rest of the page looked bad.. Don't know why the links won't work. Think I forgot to tweak it more :-).

If it was an RSS feed with as output a blank page with a small logo in the header and in the body the search results then it would be perfect for Avantgo...

Any better alternatives out there?.

UPDATE: I tweaked the AvantGo depth option and tuned it to 3. Now the links works... Aint that bad to read now.. I will keep it although I must search for something different then "Scott Johnson" :-). Sorry Scott!

# https://my.avantgo.com/account/edit_sub.html?title=Feedster&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.feedster.com%2Fsearch.php%3Fsearchtype%3Dimage%26hl%3Den%26ie%3DUTF-8%26q%3D%2522scott%2520Johnson%2522%26sort%3Ddate%26limit%3D50&max=150&depth=2&images=0&links=1&refresh=al

Things that make me blush 

This makes me blush :-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Tunaphish blog 

Click here to see that dog blog!
Very good name: adognamedtunaphish.blogspot.com and template... ;-) Blame the dog!

Outlook Attachment Opener 

We need it so we make it!
I needed something to stop outlook from nagging at my work without digging into the registry..

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Picture this 

GGSearch with Feedster Blog power

Adam Curry:
The Heli-Blogger king of the Netherlands!

I know that some of you are mobblogging or mbloggers or what ever you will call it. What would you do when you have the change to blog, fly a chopper and like to take pictures? Yes, you go Heli-Blogging!

Adam Curry does it all, with some of his friends he went out to "shoot" the tanker that got lifted by tugboats and a big crane. The funny thing is that on his dutch website he writes more personalized stuff. He teaches the journalists how to read blogs and what to do with the info. (He kick's their ...) Some of them didn't like that email got on his blog, while others started to do more serious things like "research" before writing something in the media about Adam or his family. I think that Adam deserves to be the first Dutch heli-blogging king (he already got his castle!). Let him fly and shoot everything he likes! Give the man his kingdom!
And let him post it all in his blog :-)

GGSearch Spam stats 

Latest scan: 16:25:23.031 07/29/2003
Total Emails Checked: 71849
Spams Caught: 50187
Emails Checked: 71849
Total Spams Caught: 64644

Monday, July 28, 2003

GGSearch as User Agent and Tunaphish Cats R Evil!!! PART ONE 

GGsearch as User Agent. :-) Funny how things can go. With Google I don't have any contact (almost ;-) ) but with Feedster its so much different. I ask a question > they answer. They ask > I answer. As a result the GGSearch beta is almost ready for the testers and translators. That's the way to go!

TunaPhish news!
Got this message from the Tuna! It was a bit late because the mail people didn't want to bring it anymore.. Seems to be a problem with bad smelling mail comming from Tuna... Anyway after cleaning it I was amazed. He finally did it! Our Tuna in the news!

Did anyone reccorded this for Tuna?

Tuna also wrote that the first movie episode of Cats R Evil is ready and it rocks! I personaly think we have to thank Peer Lemmers and Steve "Lets pet a snake" for that but the dog seems to know what he is doing (pardon the dog..). I wish Tuna a great future and lot's of smelly thingies and rotten goodies... (You like that don't you?)

If you don't like Tuna read this book and relax..

hostile takeover 

To: Pieter Kraaima
From: [blogshare]

Your 1 shares in C:PIRILLO.EXE were sold at $1,111.11 ea. (3 x $370.37 - the current price) because [a person] performed a hostile takeover using a Altruist (artefact).

Why not take them all?? ;-)

Umberto Eco and Google 

This is very funny...

Outer court asked Umberto Eco about Google

The answer:
"Dear Mr. Lenssen,
if in 1984 there was Google I would have written a different novel.
Yours, Umberto Eco"


Feedster again... 

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Google blog search option :-) 

Google blog search option
Time to tweak the feedster goodie :P
For now I have this beta option to enable feedster support:

btw: I am going to build a Feedster search tool too that would act like a plugin for GGSearch and visa versa.. So you can switch between Feedster and Google if you like too. You know that all your suggestions are welcome!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Gnomedex live streams 

It is funny to see how Gnomedex comes to live. I wrote about Gnomedex news, but there is also a Gnomedex 3 blog. You can view some of the pictures on the Gnomedex 3.0 - Moblog. Chris Pirillo posted a big list of Bloggers. They are blogging at this very moment. I hate reading and watching it ;-)

Now where can I view the Gnomedex live streams?

I have stolen the GGSearch idea from Ah Goeie!

I confess, when I was a bored MSCE (NT4) student, one of the first lessons was playing with net.exe. So I created Ah Goeie (1997/1998) with some help of my buddies Berend and Meine! On my work I still use it to "nag" everybody.

Ah Goeie

Then one day I wanted to search in Google(TM).. ;-)
Google SearchTool

ok, ok.. they look almost the same!

Two more days "at ease"...

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Is looking at "Feedster News Gnomedex MultiBlog" self torture? 

I forgot to mention this yesterday but Scott created a Feedster News MultiBlog for Gnomedex. So if you are in for self torture watch that news!

Update: It's getting worse: People are starting to blog from Gnomedex :( too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Soon more 

Kept myself "at ease" today..
Waited 4 hours to get our diner but it was very tasty and (after 4 telephone calls and exuses) we got it for free. Next time when we order a meal we get it for free too. So.. not at all that bad...

Type and read you later!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Good and bad and the very bad 

Starting with bad..
At my work I got this terrible pain in my leg so I will be out of the running for a few days. I will post here but I am not able to do much for the Search Tools (I can brainstorm about it!!). Tomorrow is another day, let's see what it brings :-)

The good news:
On the Feedster Wiki page you find more info about the Feedster Search Tool. If you like to add suggestions or ask questions, feel free to post it.

Very bad news:
I am not on Gnomedex :( See you there next year!

Up before 06:00 

I like to be up early.. but this early?

Latest scan: 07:25:06.452 07/22/2003
Total Emails Checked: 69061
Spams Caught: 47716
Emails Checked: 69061
Total Spams Caught: 62173
Latest Spam count: 148

Monday, July 21, 2003

I will not let GGSearch be forlorn! 

Time to change some error handling in the searchtool. Some of the beta testers mailed me with a problem that isn't a problem but a message for me to see what the tool is doing when I am on a "different system". normalized programmers would start with the error handling but not me :-). So now I have to take the time to think about what I am going to do.. Most of those messages could be removed from the tool. Yes another xx bytes removed from hd and memory!

More about Feedster: To let you "see" my first impression:
[(1+4)Search field] [(2+4)Sort by Relevance/Date/Blogrank] [(3+4)Advanced options choice] [(4)preferences]
(1) a search query ;-)
(2) Quick pick options (overrides 4)
(3) Option window? Limit to ONLY this RSS url:, Limit to feeds in this OPML url:, Filter out this RSS url: Should be one click away.. Drag and drop a URL would be nice...
(4) Go around the cookies and bake them with the Search Tool :-) :-)
www.feedster.com - www.feedster.net - Ip? logo - Icon - Icons? I wonder if Tunaphish is home to give me some advice about this...
Languages? . Or not?> ISO? weblog_country_code=NL (to search in a country, de, au, co.uk? etc)
Hosting on feedster? FST, Feedster SearchTool, Feedster Search Tool
/search.php?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&q=ggsearch&btnG=Search | &inrss=&inopml=¬inrss= | &sort=date
Must not forget: http://feedster.com/help/fields.php - Love this: http://feedster.com/status.php - Adverts: http://feedster.com/ads/
Wiki :-) http://feedster.com/wiki/ http://feedster.com/feedback.php?action=capture_suggestion/capture_problem/create_problem
User Agent Strings: Although we in no way require it, we do appreciate it if the aggregator correctly sets its user agent string.
Ask Scott what to do with http://feedster.com/wiki/index.php?EngineInternalTokens
Enough to keep me busy :-)

Now don't get afraid if I am getting to much into Feedster, GGSearch will benefit from this too. Isn't it great! Yes it is! I am also thinking about making a "feedster plugin" for GGSearch! So you Google or you feedster when you like! Remind me that I add a blogsearch option too..

I will not let GGSearch be forlorn!

Update: Google weblog wrote about this advanced news option. Will I build a option? You read about it later ;-)

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Going Feedster 

Nice comment from Scott Johnson about the "Feedster Search Tool" suggestion. We typed about me digging deeper into the Feedster world and he likes that idea. So lets say that we made the first steps for a "Feedster Search Tool".

Suggestions are very welcome. I already found this page ;-)

Feedster blog search tool? 

Would you use a Feedster search tool?

I am looking in Google(TM) for a option to search better in Blogs (adding +blogs or -blogs works but isn't that powerfull). But the best engine I found so far is feedster. I have send them a mail to see what they think of the idea of me pooking around in their search engine... I could add it as an option in GGSearch: "search in blogs" or build a tool only for feedster.
Hmmmz many things to think of.

I will post you later!

Todo list 

Get some Coffee
Update help file
Update readme
Get some Coffee
Add latest languages
Update installer
More Coffee
Add translation strings to SearchTool
Add latest language.ini for translators
Check hits counter
Remove Beta warning

Saturday, July 19, 2003

I love Duckman! 

Food for the brain:Random Duckman Quotes

Grabbed it from The Duckman Information File

Friday, July 18, 2003

Changed thingies 

Although I liked the counter, Berend brought me on an idea. If everybody is using the tool and all the hits would be send to the server then the server would/could fail. So I decided to change it like I did with the update function. The counts are send to the server when you do the first search query. This way the tool will send one hit instead of X times a day. At the server side I will keep it as plain as possible.
I think I can live with it. Would you like to BetaTest?

Thursday, July 17, 2003

GGSearch goes AOL 

Yes, I finaly got the Beta of GGSearch to work with the AOL browser, I couldn't have done it without the help of our great BetaTester an book writer Paul Norwood. He did some excelent testing!
Now I need to do more tweaking :)

Letter from Tunaphish: 

Letter from Tunaphish:

Hi Mates!
Working hard on a movie with my best friend Steve.
My buddy and me are doing well on the set, although you have to watch Steve with Snakes (He likes to put his Thump in their...HEy anyway they don't like that..)
Will be back soon to do the post production...

Drool you later!


Going to the Physiotherapist 

Yesterday I went to see the physiotherapist. She is did some rather bizarre handling to fix my spine I guessed. This morning I woke up with this pain in my leg. Doesn't matter, I am getting used to that. But because the painkillers didn't help and it wasn't funny anymore, I called them for an apointment and took another trip to hell. It doesn't seem to come from my spine but from hitting a tendon. What did I do in my Sleep?
Now I try to get it straight with ice, practice and rest, Ice, practice and rest, etcetra, etcetera..

Why me?

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The GGSearch totall hits Counter 

This time I worked on the search hit counter. It counts how many times people are searching with the searchtool so I can show it on the web. I also added a personal counter (Help > About) so you can see how many Search actions you made yourself. Ofcourse you can disable the goodie.

Should tweak it later...

New York and the Bagdad connection.. 

I am free today and it is too hot to do anything!

I tried to do some coding for the tool but that didn't work out. I guess it's time to read some documents outside in the shades and to take it easy. My laptop doesn't seem to take this heat so I am converting the DOC to a PDF so I can take it with me on the Palm.

I am also thinking about upgrading frysianfools into movabletype. But same story. I am to tired (lazy) to do anything useful today!

New York and the Bagdad connection..
>Finally, the mobile network, which is being
>installed by MCI, has started working. It is still
>limited now but it is supposed to extend to public use
>mid-July. Thy funny thing is that our code is the same
>as New York. So we are considered as if we are in New
>I will try to get a mobile soon. Then you can call me
>with very cheap prices because international calls to
>the US is always the cheapest and as you know - We are
>in NY :-)
>Some body living in Baghdad

Teach us Adam! 

Time for me to do something useful for the searchtool..

To give you something to read:
Adam Curry wrote this story: RSS in the lowlands

"Unfortunately almost all blog-tools are written in english. The word blog itself, or any word ending with a "g" sounds gutteral and crappy when pronnounced by a dutch native.

Imagine trying to explain RSS.

Really Simple translates well, but there is no dutch equivalent for the word Syndication. The country is so small it hasn't ever needed syndicated content. TV and radio signals are nationwide, so there is no network of affiliates to speak of.

So I introduced RSS as a function of that magical buzzword XML: With rss you can subscribe to your favourite weblogs.

That's when I hit another language barrier in the concept of an "aggregator". The closest match to that sounds an aweful lot like a diesel generator to the dutch ear."

I love the word Blog.. When I say that name out loud people look at me as if I am a sick dude... So what you calling me now mate! Wanna fight?

Now don't think that that's all: Curry goes further then learning us the words:

"So I plan to do an online demonstration by rendering my hourly aggregator page (over 300 subscriptions) to a public server for anyone to enjoy."
This could be very interesting to see.. He also showed us a screenshot of the page (ACNews).

I guess I would go to ACNews when it is finished. Although I hope that Adam his personal live stays out of it. I read about him again today in the newspaper. He is fighting Endemol about copyright issues but he claims in his Blog that everybody can use his pictures as long as you give the credit to the owner. I guess he means that for us bloggers and not for the Media here in Holland :-)

I just wait and see when he starts his heli-Blog.
Headline from ACNews: "Adam Curry the Heli-Blogger, blogs and shoots!" (No bullets just pictures!)

Teach us and we might learn!

Update: ACNews (loglezer) is online

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

GGSearch goes Commercial? 

The bigger companies are emailing me about their special deals for my SearchTool.
Yesterday I got this "agreement" in the mail, If I sign it, things would change for me.

Would you use a SearchTool that is searching in a commercial search engine?
We are NOT talking about the normal searchengines that raise some money with adverts but a search engine that has only adverts in it. If I do a search in their engine for the keyword GGSearch I got this on my screen: "Sorry, no results found for keyword: [ ggsearch ]"

So I got some sleep and dreamt about me building a commercial tool...

I woke up with a nightmare... Who can I trust?

Monday, July 14, 2003

Search Google(TM) for the creators of google.com ;-)

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Big Questions
Does GGSearch need the Sets and or Glossary options?
When opens Google(TM) a Dutch phonenumber so we can call them too?

But the biggest question of this week: How many hits does the SearchTool make?
I have been thinking about an option to count the search hits created with the SearchTool and to show those as stats on the website.
Ofcourse you decide if your hits should be counted or not. In return, the SearchTool would show you your own search hits in the SearchTool.

So I ask you all: "Would you be interested to see how many search actions you made with the SearchTool?"

Comment me!

Saturday, July 12, 2003

So what happens if a Vivific Zooid with a Coif, Yawped his way to the Fora?
Would we be Incredulous or what?

More at "Paul's word of the day".

Update: Paul types: Let's see how many of you can use my words in a sentence!

When will it crash?

You got mail! Yes!! Now you can play with the addon :-)
Also good to know that w.bloggar v3.02 Build 158 is released.
I was talking with Remco about his (dutch) page... I like the style but I think he needs to update more often. Hey, ofcourse I know it's weekend! Now take a BeerenBurg and do something usefull!

I also got this email:
Dear Pieter,

I was to late for the addon. I want it for Free too!

What now?

First I must say that you are to late! Sorry but the topic has been closed. Now, I would like to see some humor and colour (any pictures?) on this blog. So, if you do something funny for/with GGSearch AND I like it so much that I post it on the Blog you get one for free too.
YES MY FRIENDS.. Shameless promotion PartII!

Friday, July 11, 2003

One day to go before the grand "give it away" day!
It was fun doing this as a promotion of my blog. I hope that some of you will also link me in the future ;-)

Now don't feel sad if you are to late for the free addon:
You can still download GGSearch for Free! Go and tell your friends!

If you are a BIG spender: Donate more then two dollar and fifty cent's and you can play with it too. As I said.. You have to be a big spender to cough that up :-)

And now it is time to spell the good word again: W E E K E N D!

Read and type you later!

Changing times...
I got some very interesting emails today.. One of these day's I will post you all about it. It could change a lot for me...
The beta SearchTool is working like it should and I think that I release it soon..
You might want to become a betatester to play with the latest goodies before the rest of the world uses it.

I am very proud at Ria (my wife). She stopped smoking (5 day's now) and she did not fight me!! I love that girl!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Bravenet SUCKS - This smells like blackmail to me!
First they give and then they take it away and you have to pay for it if you want it back...
They put all our privacy on the street by showning the stats unprotected (the reason why I signed up!) and then charges us about 10$ a month if we want that back again! You call that service? It's not!

Does anybody have a free protected counter and would like to share it with us?
Comment! Me and an angry mob are waiting to hop over and get counted again..

For now I use Sitemeter More suggestions?

I have been talking with Jeroen van der Wiel about his large linklist. Because it is a dutch page most of you will be a bit lost. Now I know that he is looking for a way to translate it for you (and to keep it KISS for himself). As soon as I get his info I will post it here. He is a Googleminded man in a Google world..

About the blogRolling issue: Adam doesn't have a clue :-) what happened....

Bravenet (My counter) changed it's look.. I don't like it. We have less options now :(
If you have a free counter for me (or like to give away a pro counter for free to me) ;-) Be known!

Don't see any advert above this page? Type thank you to Blogger!!
They are so kind to upgrade my account to BlogSpot Plus Adsfree! Thank you Christine!

And Chuck I hope your sister likes it :-)

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Email from BlogRolling:
It only lasted 3 minutes and was rapidly fixed.
Thanks for the heads up,

Nice to know that J. is out there!
I will keep on blogrolling !

My BlogRolling goodie got Hacked today!!!

When I was a kid I liked Curry & van Inkel. These two where so good that we always listened to the show. He was also the first one I put on my blogRolling. But know that I am a bit confused now. Me thinks I got Focked by a Adam Curry fan (or somebody that likes / loves him very much).
I could not believe my eyes this morning when I was looking in my Blog.
I looked at my BlogRolling and expected to see the normall Favs...

But this morning I was looking at this (Part1 Part2). All links except the last one are poining to: Adam Curry's weblog
Now I don't think that Curry did it him self. Alright, he can write with a sharp pen but he is fighting his own story and I don't think that he takes the time to do those things to a newbie blogger. . So I guess that some kiddie wanted to be known... Hey, it worked! Now go and wank yourself! Or pay somebody to wank you! Then wash your hands and come back to be known!

This CurryStigma disapeared by itself.. Could be because I went to blogRolling and pushed the edit link to see what was going on there. No strange things... Links are all the same as I left them there. Everything looks normall now...

Ofcourse I still link to the Dutch Curry weblog. It is nice to read his steps in the big world of money and fame because he gets focked by a lot of people :-) and writes about it on his weblog.

Update: I mailed BlogRolling about this.. I hope to have some answers soon...
Note for my IRC friends: Please don't. Not funny and it leads to more nags. Just be patient and see what happens now. But your suggestions make me proud to be your friends! See you on the next NWW. HUG ME!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Peer Lemmers
Thanx Peer!

I guess I need to add this as option to: Google News Now Offering German Version Klara und Franz will be happy, I know that for sure...
I wonder where it will go: Russia or Afrika I guess? To be "Globall"?. I will make it easier for myself (programming) by counting in the fact that their list will grow. I know that one day there will be a Frysian (Frisian / Fryslander / Frieske / Frisk) Google News!

My Mug is empty, time to get some coffee..

Good news!!
FeedDemon Beta2 is released...

UtterlyBoring.com: Sciatic nerve pinches hurt like hell I know how that feels.
My spine got fixed but it keeps on nagging me.
Got to get in shape again!

Monday, July 07, 2003

By reading Pirillo I tried to test it..
Result: MyIE2 works with GGSearch too.
SearchTool Options > Enable Custom browser ;-)


Chris put me on track with this article: Fixing the Glitch It looked good in the Pyra preview mode on blogger.com. But whatever I tried, it is still bugging me when I see it on blogspot
Any suggestions? > If you like to Help > Source is here

RTS at least you have a link list :-) - ServerGeek Let us OCD it! - Phoenix Puerto Rico, nice country, good people... - J. Brotherlove being funky is good! - Marie Braden Me uses a Palm too! - w8in Ask him about his name! - James Six day's to go! - Jake You are not that boring.. (Yawn and stretch) Hit that snare! - David Me is also very curious to see where this goes...

I need to fix the glitch to night....

But first we get to work.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

GGSearch Beta... added something new to the tool...

Wouldn't it be great to see this on Google?

Peer is working on a new Tunaphish episode.. I like his Smuggler cartoons too...

In the beginning there was nothing :-)

Jeevan Wrote the first Comment. Then I got laid by Chris Pirillo ;-) I hope that Yokie can tell me why Duckman isn't Manga. Did you know that Chad is going to get married, while Andrew is playing the HeyDroid? The GeeknewscentralGeek uses GGSearch as a protest and Shane: c'mon, you know you want to! Can anybody speak out Andy his website? My tongue can't take it any more... Karis likes Creedence Clearwater too. No bad moon for you! I am in the brain of Dr.Bob so I should take a lesson from D.J.Hartwig And Paul I love books too...
Sean created this logo.. Vincent You are so right!....., one day me is going to use a spellchekker ;-) Is a Grammar checker available? TeddGcm Called it a thingie... and Marcello wants to see it in unicode...

I love you people!

Saturday, July 05, 2003

To get some attention for this blog I am insane enough to make this deal with you all...

Link your blog to GGSearch (at least one week ;-) ) and recieve the above Addon (v1.5) for FREE...

Howto: Link your blog to http://ggsearch.blogspot.com, place a comment on this topic with your blog adress and wait 7 day's...

This madness will stop on 10-Jul-2003...

Ok.. this topic is closed and done but feel free to emote yourself :-)

UltraEdit IDM Computer Solutions, Inc Ian Mead was so kind to sponsor a copy of his wonderfull Editor. I wrote him about me using his tool and that I already passed the "30day trail".
He decided to give me a change to get a free registerd version. Isn't that great? I thought so!
So visit the website of IDM Computer Solutions Inc and see for yourself why I use UltraEdit!

Google Blogoscoped found this article: Microdoc - Proximity Searching in Google I also like the article about AdSense...

Should have read it before I applied to AdSense ;-)

Friday, July 04, 2003


You asked me how many times GGSearch got downloaded this year..
Let me count: 46060 downloads (6 months from Jan. to Jul.)
46060 : 6 = 7670 : 31 day's = 247 times a day!
Now 10% off due to the fact that people use download accelerators:

End score: 223 downloads a day
My bandwith: 223 X 70kb = 15610kb a day
That means almost 5 GB (only for the downloads) a month...

Please don't tell my ISP!!!!

You think everything comes for free? FORGET it!
To get on CNET/Download.com and ZDNET you have to pay... Yes that is right! So why did I spend 79 Dollar for a link on their website? I thought that the installer would be placed on their website and that Frysianfools would be relieved a bit.

Look at this info form their website:
Host Your Files for FREE at Upload.com!

Need a fast, reliable hosting alternative? Upload.com is proud to announce free hosting on our Fast Downloads network for all Windows-compatible software. This simple and efficient file delivery system uses the CNET/ZDNet Download Manager (powered by Kontiki) to securely transfer your software files to Download.com and ZDNet Download end users. You will still have to provide us with a primary direct access download link, but we will offer our users the Fast Download option along with the download link you provide, which will greatly reduce your hosting bandwidth.

How Does It Work?
Once your product listing is paid, published, and live on our download sites, we will include an additional "Fast Download" link on your Product Detail pages that allows Download.com and ZDNet Download users to download your product directly into the CNET or ZDNet Download Manager:

I should have read it better... But then when you apply there is this checkbox:
Once you have provided us with the remote location of your new/updated installer file, simply leave the box next to "Yes! Host my file for FREE" checked on your product submission form; we'll take care of the file upload process.

If I wasn't sure about the free file hosting.. that checkbox made up my mind. So I pulled out the plastic and enterd the magic numbers. Well see for yourself... No free hosting of a file on CNET.

Get it from CNET Download.com!

Will I ever pay again for hosting my SearchTool on an other website?

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Rice Bowl Journals ~ Forums: "weapons of mass destruction"..
Follow the advice...

T H I S is so good!

Inno Setup 4 Revision History nice to know that "Innerfuse Pascal Script " and My Inno Setup Extensions are merged.

Playing time!

Adam Curry is tired of people that doing things without his permission...

I wonder when somebody does that with my picture :-)

"Blog*Spot Plus ordering is currently under maintenance. Please try back later. Thanks."

"Blogger Pro ordering is currently offline while we retool. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back next week. "

I guess I have to be patient...

Google Toolbar Beta troublesPeter O'Kelly's Reality Check
Lucky to know that I am not the only one that got the warning page... But it is a Beta so those are the things we can expect.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Seifer¡DHikaru (the one that builded the chinese installer) Passed his exams!!!!

Very good!!!

Hello Pieter,
We review your entire site for participation in Google AdSense, not individual pages. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to approve you to run only on select pages at this time. As your website was found to not be in compliance with our policies (https://www.google.com/adsense/policies), we are unable at this time to approve you to run in this program.
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So because GGSearch is hosted on www.frysianfools.com/ggsearch we are out of the game... Oh well, Thanx to the donators we don't need it. But still, It would be fun to see a google toolbar advert on the GGSearch website. Mabey I need to rebuild FrysianFools to give it some "Bite" again. So come on friends, Dump the kids, sell your house, Quit with that big job. We need to have some FrysianFools time again ;-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Time to relax a bit..

DBase and Paradox viewer under Wincmd Total Commander - Plugins. You can find it under the "Lister extensions (plugins)" section. It is created by Sergey Chehuta.
Not for the searchtool but for some other things I am playing with.

Would this be the future? Cnet wrote: "Microsoft's path to expand the Windows empire is leading directly to search king Google."
It is a long road to...

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist .com & Google Press Center: Zeitgeist .nl & Google Press Center: Zeitgeist .de and many more ...
Could be a nice option for the searchtool....

Google AdSense: " AdSense delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages — and Google pays you."

I wonder if they would show the add of the Toolbar on GGSearch ;-)

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