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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Search for 

Find Pieter at Google :-)

Does your Spam Spam? 

Emails Checked: 81814
Total Spams Caught: 73195

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Tool styles progress 

They came, freaked out my mother, pissed off my father, found nothing and left. 

They came, freaked out my mother, pissed off my father, found nothing and left.
After refusing to get one my father finally conceded to get one of those cards that basically say you are a “collaborator”, and my mother will be spending a couple of weeks at her sister’s in Amman.

War shows his ugly face..

Friday, August 29, 2003

Piece of cake 

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Get rid of the lop.com toolbar 

WARNING: Tuna is multiplying itself! You naughty Dog!

Scott is going to bring you a lot more options in the future and my fingers are itching to use it already.. I won't, I won't. Let me know and I will!

Paul is writing his new book and because I am almost done reading his manuscript I wonder what is will bring.. I like his writing, don't know how much different the manuscript is from the book but I think it is going to be a grand success!

Faganfinder has his translation goodie online.. It is still beta but that's just a word :-) Works great.. Frysian is available too!!

I also forgot to mention that Feeddemon beta 3 is out! Now I don't know what I did but I lost all my favorite feeds.. So backup before use! Hey that's why it is a beta!

The GGSearch website get's a lot of hits from people that want to get rid of the lop.com toolbar. So I try to exploit it by running an advert on the website for Ad-Aware. :-) People can fix their webbrowser, clean their machine from spyware and make me happy!

Great world, a lot to see. Let's get more coffee!

I hated PHP 

I try to read and understand more about PHP and Mysql. Now I know a bit of ASP and how to do things with an Acces database but PHP and Mysql running on Apache is a totally different story. So now I just do some study and then I will try to get it to work on the server.

Why started so late with PHP?

I hated it! Yes read it again: I Hated it. The name PHP was enough to get me really pissed off. Let me try to explain why:
Me and Peer created a long long time ago: www.sailsearch.com Collective database for traditional sailingcharters in Europe. It was big hit. we had some paying customers and it was time for a database to meet the search demand. So I created it in ASP and pointed it to an ACCES database. It was a beauty! But customers wanted more advance options and due to the fact that I didn't have the database feeling in my fingers we needed a partnership with somebody that could make it more advance. In the meanwhile we also found a commercial talent to get more customers.

That was the most stupid thing I (we) ever did.
In 6 months the whole project was doomed. The PHP code was maybe written better but didn't have the few things the old ASP version could. Peer and I tried to convince them of the things we knew but the two dudes where so busy with other things that the simple things we wanted where ignored. If it was not written in a document it could not be build. So everytime we spoke to the dude and told him about the fact that we needed that option we already spooken of from day one he told us that is was not in the document so it not being build. Of course he spend his time doing things we suppose to do and so I got pissed. There was a coup by the commercial and PHP dude and I packed my bags, went on walkabout and found the time to build GGSearch. A few months later Peer followed my footsteps. He tried so hard to get Sailsearch of the warf and it took al his energie. So he also stepped a side and created TunaPhish! We spend 3 years of our lives building Sailsearch.com and it is a pity to see how much it is wrecked. That's why I was a bit frustrated when I needed to do something in PHP.

So now I have to see PHP as fun again! Can't blame the code for me being silly! There are a lot of people that love to help me with it and many resources can be found online. So I think this time I should get a hang of it. Don't know when that day arives but time will learn!

Monday, August 25, 2003

Small but useful 

Pirillo found an idea! 

So what did you find?

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Almost time for a public release! 

The Phoenity icons are all there!
Cheeaun did a very good job! Keep in mind that I gave him a lot of trouble because he all had to make it up for him self. With some feedback I created the first steps of the Theme FAQ.

Now it is time to pick up all the pieces and put them together again. I am happy with the new Custom browser option although I know that something isn't right yet. As soon as I know what, I will fix it ;-)

Lots of people wanted a better installer (with options) and it looks like the "new" installer does it's work good. To bad I didn't took the time to read the helpfiles better.. Talking about helpfiles: The Search tool its help file needs some help itself. Don't know what I did but it seems to be in a bad state. Oh well it just a minor problem.

Hope to release the final beta this week.. Almost time for a public release!

Oh Yeah, Ria (my wife and girlfriend) went to Ameland (an island nearby) and made this picture of the waddensea:

Saturday, August 23, 2003


Yes it is that time again! I know you are all waiting to read this:

Emails Checked: 79390
Total Spams Caught: 71126

Yes passed the 70000 Spam messages!

Aren't we very lucky :(

Friday, August 22, 2003


Thursday, August 21, 2003

Walking there! 

Thanx to Andy for the tip

Blogshares Millionairs: 

You don't have the $4,423.59 to buy 250 shares

Paul ($62,246,884.18/604blogs) vs Pieter ($65,263,308.04/936blogs)

I am going to loose this game..

Pirillo should see this 

If your name is Chris Pirillo then I think you like this:

And I hope everybody else likes it too ;-)

Whaaaahooo!! Three times a cheer for Cheeaun!

The upcoming release will be beautiful!

Feedster blog of the day 

Thank you Feedster folks for making me "blog of the day"!
Now I know why I got more then 25 people on this blog yesterday ;-)

MSN vs Trillian 

Microsoft is forcing people to upgrade to newer versions of its instant messenger application and is shutting its doors to third-party IM products such as Trillian.

Another reason to nag on MicroSoft.

Read More on C|Net.

Peter (Lockergnome) writes that I shouldnt have any problem as a Trillian pro 2 user... Checked it on the Trillian Beta forum and it seems like it should work. Time will learn.

Update again:
Microsoft's IM letter means you agree to pay and upgrade. Source: The Inquirer

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I got a CheapCam! 

Me got myself a trust spyc@m 100

It was cheap, comes with outdated software, the pictures on low resolution suck big time, and high resolution looks like.. Well judge yourself:

Ok, first take new batteries!

Here is a still from both our cats:

Now if only they would stay still...

As you see this is perfect for this blog! I don't need advance software to give you crappy pictures! I now create them with a single click! Me got a CheapCam!!!

More ugly pictures soon!

Beta news 

The installer seems to work as I wanted it to work :-) Translators have seen some minor bugs with the language file. So I need to dig into that. And I screwed up the Helpfile. As if anybody would read that :-) but without a helpfile we don't have a complete package so I will spend some time on it again. It looks so simple and it is rather easy to make.. Maybe that's my problem ;-)

New Splash screen:

I think it's beautiful! Brand XYZ could be any Sponsor... And my credits to everyone can stay!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Tunaphish the movie star 

Tuna is back as a star

The quest for the main sponsor.. 

I am on a main sponsor quest.

There are many ways to add some commercial info into a tool. You can use a shareware system, add banners in it that are always visible or to fill it up with nag screens. I don't like any of those methods although shareware ain't that bad..

I am more thinking about this:
The sponsor could be visible in the installer and their logo will be placed in the Splash screen. To make this complete we add a link to the sponsors website in the options menu. Seems like a nice package for the main sponsor of GGSearch.
As a starter I would try it out for 6 months. That should give me the time to work on more search options for us all and to give the sponsor the time to see if they like being the sponsor.

Doesn't sound that bad, does it? We as users know who the main sponsor is but don't have a hard time dealing with it. We can visit their website but are not nagged to go to their website. See the differences? It's all about finding a good sponsor.

With such a sponsor we could:
a] insert all options from the Addon into the search tool
b] stop asking users to donate.
c] stay freeware without nagware.
d] buy a new coffee machine.
e] build the next generation of GGSearch with a lot more power.

Now where should I start? Will I ever find a "super" sponsor? Know anybody? Are you that person?

More about this quest and it's questions at a later time!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Replay this.. 

Wouldn't you like to see this on Google(TM)?

Sunday, August 17, 2003

If you dont use Iexplorer then you are an advanced user!  

Help us out with this..
Talking to Rufus this morning about GGSearch and the custom browser option. The question we would like to know is this:

If you dont use Iexplorer then you are an advanced user!?


Saturday, August 16, 2003

Nice to know you! 

Who are you? Who are you parents and what did they do? Tell me more about what you are doing here? Why are you spending your time reading this post? Not that I mind you reading this. Although I am a bit suprised that I would see you back here so soon.
Let me shuffle in the spam counts to give this post a meaning..

Emails Checked: 77559
Total Spams Caught: 69572

Yes, Next week we should be around the 70000 spams. Don't know exactly when it started counting. I will look for that info later ok? I know that they are breeding because their expansion rate seems to go into rabbit mode. If I find the nest I will blog about it.

Now, excuse me if I am typing out of my line but shouldn't you go for it? You know... The thing you where thinking while you got bored a moment ago. Yes! That's the one! Just do it! You deserve that! You made it through this post, so you can make it everywhere! No problem, I finnish this post by myself.

Type and read you later!

Picture of god 

Resembling the fury of a raging sea, this image actually shows a bubbly ocean of glowing hydrogen gas and small amounts of other elements such as oxygen and sulfur. The photograph, taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, captures a small region within M17, a hotbed of star formation. M17, also known as the Omega or Swan Nebula, is located about 5,500 light-years away in the constellation Sagittarius.
More info on the hubblesite. I would call that god like!

Excelent! Paul found a publisher for his book "Hanseatic League". Good work!

This weekend I am going to think about my strategies for the Search Tool. Yes, again :-)
I had some fruitful conversations with some of our blog gods and now it is time to plan the route to take. There are so many things I could do. You will read more about that later!

About that worm that hits the Net.. It's going fast! This morning I needed to phone in because my Kabel ISP did not give me a connection and it was like having a loophole. It kept on warning and I was very glad that I patched and updated the whole bunch.
Now that my kabel is online again I don't have those incomming attacs anymore. I love my Freesco box.

Mabey somebody can catch it like we did with codered and nimba.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Out of order 

Yesterday I got this pain in the leg again... Today it's still nagging me so I need to stay at ease again...

to be continued!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

That ##### default browser shit 

Today I focused on browsers and their default behavior. It would be nice that GGSearch would get your fav browser, or present you with a list of your used browsers.

Problem is where do I need to look, have in mind that we need to be a normall user with no privileges and we all have our own browser that is the best ever ;-). Here is the answer: They all have their favorite dirty tricks to do that.

At this moment I am looking at Mozzila Icons on my desktop and when you click on them MyIE2 opens. Great work! Lucky for me IExplorer knows that it's position is almost done and ask me to set it as default browser.. No way! All of the programmers seem to have the same problem where the ##### do we need to check for it's default browser? I finnaly found it, I must use all methodes.

So what have I learned today?

* That a user without any privileges needs to have a nice admin.

* That this blog looked kinda ugly with Mozzila, Firebird and opera

* That MyIE2 puts itself in every Hkey that has something to do with default browser behavior

* Mozzilla has a red desktop icon

* The windows registry can be very boring.

* Firebird aint that bad at all.

* After a fix this blog looks ugly with all browsers!

* Sometimes it's better to have a browser as no browser ;-)

you can calc with GGSearch and Google 

Type in GGsearch: 9+9*99
You will get this page.. Good work from the Google folks. What will be next?

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The Big Dipper... 

Blogshares finally got it right:

Date Price
15:27 10 Aug 2003 $125.37
14:20 10 Aug 2003 $ 92.49
21:54 09 Aug 2003 $250.12
19:50 09 Aug 2003 $206.25
22:23 06 Aug 2003 $250.20
21:34 06 Aug 2003 $206.42
21:42 04 Aug 2003 $248.05
16:36 04 Aug 2003 $201.90
16:28 04 Aug 2003 $201.48
02:17 03 Aug 2003 $247.90

This is a LONG story :-) 

Yesterday I didn't post much. I was to busy taking care of Ria (She was sick.. I think the temperature and the Chinese food got here. Today she went (just like me) to work so I think she will be fine. I am not in good in playing the nurse..Although I am good in getting nursed ;-)
That's why I didn't post much. So Today I will try to make this up to you by writing a bit more then usually.

Feedster added a new feature to it's already amazing search engine. I think it is looking great. Next that comes to mind is when this blog will turn into red? James changed his website again and I wonder when his brother is ready to translate the search tool into Esperanto. And Jake, is michelle already asking for pocket money?

The blog with the tongue breaker saved my day at work. :-) Funny to see that sometimes things come together on the net. Although my problem was a CID that would not go away, it put me straight in a good direction.

Servergeek put me this weekend on remote desktopping with Windows XP. But I think I stick to UltraVNC and this IP-page until I am convinced.

Today I also got a real mail!! Yes, the one that the post office people bring to your house! Remember those days? If not, you could ask your grandparents about it. They now how it was to recieve a letter. Anyway, their was a card with it and a 5 Euro donation!
Thank you very much JJ, the card is hanging on the wall so everybody can see it when they walk into the house :-) As soon as I get my scanner back I will change the card into one's and zero's and post it on the blog.

And Chris I have a coffee breakfast every morning!

Monday, August 11, 2003

The heritage of the great war 

Rob Ruggenberg updated his website: The heritage of the great war.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Building an installer and phoenity icons. 

Building an installer:
The installer gives the option for a Compact (necessary files), Full (all files) or Custom (what ever you like) installation. You also can choose if you would like to install an icon on your dekstop and/or quick launch bar and the installer will behave good for the next update. So far the good news....
I made some big mistakes with building the "older" installers. Not that they aren't any good but I didn't take good care of upgrading the installer itself. While Inno Setup gives enough room to deal with those problems I didn't implement them the right way..

Big tip: RTFM!

Phoenity icons...
I also typed with Cheeaun again about his beautiful icons and he will start creating them this week for GGSearch! He was playing with Red Hat 9 so... Give the man a break and a boot option!
If you also would like to contribute an iconset as theme.. You know where to find me.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

it's Spam Counter Time! 

Emails Checked: 75628
Total Spams Caught: 67903

Fixed a nag 

Thanx to Andy and Berend I got rid of the "Please use the dropdownmenu or up and down keys ..ectc." message.

I don't know why I never changed it before. Think I was just to lazy.

Anyway it was a pleasure to "fix" it!

Friday, August 08, 2003

Feeddemon beta 3a 

Nick Bradbury did it again! Here can you grab it!

Outlook hack ready for download 

You can find this:

at this location. Thanks to Ingenieursburo Prompt and Cakeart!

Outlook attachment opener part II 

Today I am going to adjust some minor things about the outlook attachment opener. It should be possible to create an installer and a "we are not responsible for screw ups" dialog box so you people can download it from the Fritec website and kill your outlook with it ;-)

Anyway, I will let you know when it's ready!

When was the last time you took your cat for a CATscan?

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Get out of your "Feed Eater" and read "the weblog review" at "Blog Traffic School" 

This Blog has been reviewed by "The Weblog Review" and I thinks it is very funny !

I guess the reviewers and some none computer geeks would be happy to read my answers to some of their questions ;-)
Let me tell you all that I am Dutch, from Holland, The Netherlands, The Low lands, Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, le Pay Bas. I am also a Frysian, from the Provence Friesland, Fryslan, Frislan! The host is www.frysianfools.com ;-)

I eat tulips in a windmill while I walk stoned on wooden shoes and the sea water is at knee or ear level (depending on the tides).

Just kiddin! I don't eat tulips! ;-)

Wendy and Brent are both right.. I type a lot about the progress of the search tool. In the meanwhile I also see a lot of goodies around like: MobBlogs, Wordblogs and Tunablogs that inspire me for a not to personel blog. GGSearch should be ready in a year of two, three, so I got the time to open my mind for advanced blog blogging...

They gave me a rating of 3.5 and 4 (3.7500) Excellent! That's better then I did on reallivelife school a long time ago! :-)
Thank you: Chris Pirillo's Blog Traffic School and my Blog Traffic School teachers! When can I do the next course?

Thank you Weblog reviewers for giving me an inside of my own blog! You both did a good job and pointed out some nice and friendly points.

And people get out of your "RSS Feed Eater" and rate it yourself at the bottom of this page.

Why I use Groupmail Pro 

I tried a lot freeware apps but then I downloaded Groupmail free and started to grow a mailing list with that over a year ago. Now the first months went good but by the time I got more then 1000 people in it I wanted to use the Pro options. So I took on my bad shoes and wrote them an email if they would like to sponsor me. And, lucky me, I got Groupmail Pro to play with.

Now Groupmail still works like a charm, it detects mailing list subscriptions and unsubscriptions keeps a neat backup (plugins and Addons) and most important: it keeps me free from stress.

I am very lucky with Infacta, RAR and UltraEdit as software sponsors!

You write, you compress, you send!


Berend was so kind to send me this Killer quiz. It is so good that Scott Johnson is back into blogging again ;-)

It works! 

Seems like nobody could get the latest beta. I fixed that one ;-) Please try again.

The helpfile is almost ready, and now i am working on the installer. It seems to do as it should but I want a good working update/upgrade feature in it. Would be nice if we could pick our language while installing.. etc etc..

But first more work at Ingenieursburo Prompt. Tonight I will continu to work at the installer.

Enable counter? 

This should work...

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Google news Alert a copy of Google Alert? 

I read the news on Researchbuzz about the new Google News Alert option.

I think Google "learned" from Google Alert. What do you think?

Google and Feedster blog options in 31 languages 

GGSearch supports the following 31 languages:
Albanian, Bulgarian, Brasil, Catalan, Chinese-simple, Chinese-traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Frysian, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Rusian, Polski, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

GGSearch Blog Options

Available for Beta testers and translators here. I already found one bug so let me know when you find it ;-)

Join the beta testers or translators if you want to play with it too...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Blogger.com glitch 

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][TCP/IP Sockets]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
//global.asa, line 15

Or see what I have seen here.
Includes a funny chat with Scott. We where on the news but couldn't post about it :-)

Now you read it folks!

Google this 

At this moment my blog about GGSearch stands above the GGSearch website on Google.

I don't know if I am happy with that. Should I post less here and more on the real website?

The nice looking button ain't that nice 

While it looked very, very good on XP.. NT2000 doesn't like the icon/button I wanted to use to popup the options.

I guess I will leave it out of the tool untill I get it right... (next release?).

I need to stop adding options.. 

I need to stop adding options. I need to stop adding options.I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..I need to stop adding options..

Please! Somebody stop me!

Latest screenshot 

And Yes, you can use ~ with GGSearch ;-)

Monday, August 04, 2003

Search tool free from banners? Donate! 

Why donate?
I need to stop adding more options and get things ready to release it to you. Then I can take the time to work further on the many more options I have in my wishlist. So what did I add so far?
- Added India news search
- Added Theme option... Bit rough but.. ;-)
- Changed the "Some of these options need a restart..."
- Added Germany to news search engine..
- added more feedster options (OMPL and RSS)
- Added feedster support
- Added Blog options in the Google option window.
- Added Blog option for Google (+blog) ;-)
- AOL browser support.. Use as custom browser name: AOL
- Inserted a Search hit counter...
- Fixed the + sign viewer bug..
- Added online: http://ggsearch.blogspot.com
- Added University search.
- Added Google website Menu (rightmouse click on SearchButton)
- Added regkey for the new installer to find it's way
- Added translations for new options.
- Added canada to news option
- Fixed the Country Name bug
- Language settings are saved now...
- Updated Google Domains with the latest country's
- Added Option > Search pages located in: country name
- Added Google News home in Google options
co.uk, com, co.nz, com.au
- Not to forget: some bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

Let's draw a line...This is enough for now.. Let's try to release a Search Tool out on the net. There are some things on the wishlist I would like to add or change in time but for now I will only fix things ;-).

Thinking about the future..
I am thinking about to enable or to disable some options. Not kiddin! I think donators should have something extra!! That's why I created the addon. So, If you would like to keep the Search tool free from banners at start up or other tricks then you can help me out: Donate, Donate or Donate and get the addon! You can change the future!

Now I need to update the helpfile, readme files and installer. Then send it to the betatesters and Translators (again)...

Enough to do!

Trillian beta 

The new trillian beta is out!

And it's looking good!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Spam count 

Total Emails Checked: 73623
Spams Caught: 51712
Emails Checked: 73623
Total Spams Caught: 66169
Latest Spam count: 1525

Saturday, August 02, 2003

3 Geeks in a room... 

Do I have to tell you more? Enough food and drinks to serve a minor company.

NWW is opened!

Button mania! 

GGSearch: Search Tool with Google(TM) Power! Thanx Paul!

Friday, August 01, 2003

Phoenity icons. 

Today I was doing research for my work and found a lot of useful and useless info. Now I don't know what happened but I kept coming back to Faganfinder's Advanced Reference. I like that page...Didn't knew that there was so much out there!

a Long while ago Cheeaun created the GGSearch Icon. Like it? I do. Since Cheeaun created the Icon nobody was nagging me about it anymore :-). I asked him if he wanted to make a set of new GGSearch icons and proud to tell you that he is going to do it! :-)

Ted and Phoenix told me (#Lockergnome) that they didn't get the email about the addon application. And I am afraid that some of you are also waiting for it.... Sorry for that, my fault. New email is on it's way, if not: contact me!

Google india 

Google seems to have started geotargetting for india as well ie automatic forwarding of search requests from india to google.co.in.
Source Tamizhan

My Coffee mug 

My mug

You can buy this very expensive mug and a lot of other stuff here

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